Gartner Continues to Shape the Next Generation of Sales Leaders at NCSC

Written By: Katie Deisler, University Recruiting

For the third year in a row, Gartner is the proud product sponsor of the National Collegiate Sales Competition (NCSC). Regarded as the “Super Bowl of Collegiate Selling,” NCSC is the longest-running university sales role-play competition in existence. NCSC exposes college students to a real-world sales environment, allowing them to put their studies into practice, all while networking and gaining exposure to industry sales professionals.

In response to the global COVID-19 outbreak, this year’s NCSC setting looked a bit different than Kennesaw State University’s campus, where the competition is usually hosted. Two-and-a-half-weeks before students gathered onsite, Dr. Terry Loe, NCSC Executive Director and Gartner’s University Recruiting team worked quickly to transition the event to a virtual setting by using online video conferencing technologies. 

The result? The first entirely virtual National Collegiate Sales Competition.

Despite the last minute changes, over 130 students from 68 universities across the United States were eager to put their months of training and preparation to the test. 33 members of Gartner’s University Recruiting and Sales teams served as “buyers” over the course of the weekend and conducted 301 virtual sales calls during the 5 rounds of the competition. 207 faculty members and corporate sponsors served as role-play judges. 

This year’s virtual competition challenged students to practice their remote working skills, something that Gartner associates are experiencing first-hand as the COVID-19 outbreak has closed offices globally. “Gartner associates worldwide are working remotely to support the needs of our strategic partners and clients amidst the COVID-19 outbreak. This is a great way for NCSC competitors to learn how real-world sales associates are expected to adapt and adjust to whatever situations come their way,” says Tamara Welch, Vice President, Diversity & Inclusion and University Recruiting at Gartner. 

In addition to the sales competition, more than 1,500 students took part in this year’s virtual career fair, a great opportunity to learn about Gartner’s value proposition and how we continue to deliver insights to clients during times of uncertainty. “This virtual competition may end up being a blessing for the sales education community, as remote work models and video conferencing becomes increasingly prevalent. Gartner was the perfect partner to help under this year’s circumstances,” says Tim Butler, Sales Center Director, University of North Alabama.  

Gartner is proud of our ability to connect with future sales leaders and influence the future of collegiate sales. 

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