Gartner Associates Connect Virtually to Observe Women’s History Month 

At Gartner, we strive to create an inclusive environment for all our associates globally, whether we’re in the office or working remotely. 

Our Women at Gartner employee resource group (ERG) is a global team dedicated to driving recruitment, professional development, engagement and visibility of women at Gartner.

Amidst the global COVID-19 outbreak, the group was still able to organize a variety of virtual events throughout the month of March for associates to attend while working remotely. 

“Despite the change in our scheduled programming, Women at Gartner pulled together.  Our associates demonstrated their care for each other and their dedication to our community – sharing stories, exchanging helpful tips and tricks, and supporting each other to rise through challenging times,” says Julie Abbott, RVP, Sales Operations, and Vice Chair, Women at Gartner and Head of Women in Sales.

Learn more about several of our Women’s History Month initiatives below. 

Women’s Month Webinar  

To kick off Women’s History Month, our Women at Gartner co-chairs hosted a global webinar with Jules Kaufman, EVP General Counsel & Corporate Secretary and Sponsor, Women at Gartner, and Rajiv Desai, VP, Diversity & Inclusion. 

#EachForEqual Photos

On March 8th, our associates around the globe shared their #EachForEqual photos to celebrate female empowerment, women’s achievements and the concept of ‘Collective Individualism’ on International Women’s Day. This was a great way for our associates around the globe to stay connected. 

Trivia Night 

The Women at Gartner employee resource group organized a digital trivia night to bring our associates together.Trivia topics included reference to Equal Pay Day, famous female figures and historical facts about Women’s History Month. 

Postcard Sending 

Even though our associates are working from home, they were still able to access and send personalized digital postcards to the inspirational women in their lives. Who would you send yours to? 

Virtual Speaker Series

Female associates from several Gartner business functions hosted a speaker series throughout the month for everyone working remotely to access. Topics included career pathing discussions, work-life balance and how to juggle parenthood with a corporate career.  

“Women’s Month 2020 has proven to be our most memorable celebration yet. Even in light of the current global environment, we’ve united thousands of associates across the globe virtually through relevant and compelling programming rooted in our mission to enable the career growth aspirations of our community,” says Erica Smith, Sales Manager, Global Enterprise Financial Services, and Chair of Women at Gartner. 

Learn more about our corporate culture, community engagement efforts and our Women at Gartner employee resource group here.

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