The Power of Change: 3 Ways to Set Yourself up for Career Success

Written By: Scott L. Smith, Marketing Program Director

Your secret to success in 2020 is, Stop being who you are …

Did I get your attention? Good, because I actually left out a key word: Stop being who you are today. Take on something new. Push your knowledge boundaries. And definitely step outside your comfort zone.

Gartner will let you do that and will even encourage you. That’s why I’ve been here for 22 years — yes, 22, since 1998.

I’m now the content director for the Experiential Marketing team, producing and hosting webinars and virtual content. Yet, when I joined to help write for new audio programs, we delivered them on cassette tapes. Research went out on paper. Our main focus was the threat of Y2K (Google it; something we couldn’t do in 1998.) The dot-com boom — and bust — was just around the corner. Gartner had not even gone public yet.

I’m still here because I’m not the same employee I was in 1998. Gartner has helped me grow, letting me experiment in a wide range of skills and knowledge areas. I’ve helped to transform and grow multimedia here — from moving those cassette programs to digital, to producing video content, and even introducing and hosting the company podcast, Gartner ThinkCast. Gartner has enabled my personal journey, and it’s a trip you should take immediately.

Here’s how to set yourself up for a better 2020 and beyond:

  • Expand Your Knowledge — Read the research, watch webinars, attend conferences. Above all, talk to as many Gartner colleagues as you can. Find out what they do and more of what Gartner does. You might discover a new area of interest. At the very least, you’ll be better at what you do now.
  • Try Something New — Add something to your repertoire you’re not doing now — a new skill, a new project or just something that’s piqued your interest. I never intended to host podcasts or webinars, but my bosses allowed me to try, and now it’s the main focus of my job. And be willing to try and fail — there’s a reason I was asked to stop operating the cameras.
  • Be Scared — Yes, the cliché is true: Step outside your comfort zone. You don’t know if you can or can’t do something until you try. The worst thing that can happen is that you do not like a new task or skill, but just the exposure to it will make you stronger.

So, step into the unknown. Although we hope you find long-term career success at Gartner, these steps will benefit you at every stage of your career, not matter where.

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