An Open Letter to Gartner’s Next Generation of Leaders

Gartner is a people business, fueled by the hard work and support of our 16,000+ associates across the globe. As our organization continues to grow, we looking to hire thought leaders who will bring their new ideas, experiences and vision to the table. Below, Robin Kranich, EVP, Human Resources, shares a message in celebration of International Women’s Day 2020.

Dear Strong, Powerful Gartner Leaders of Tomorrow,

You’re entering today’s workforce at an interesting time. The world is connected in ways it’s never been. Individuals have voices they’ve never had. The rate of change has never been so fast… and yet, as many have said, will never be this slow again.

You’re entering a workforce in transition. A workforce where we’re still fighting to eliminate the lines that divide us. Female. Male. Black. White. Latina. LGBTQ. Baby Boomers. Gen X. Millennials. Gen Z. Introverted. Extroverted. The list of attributes that divide us can feel endless.

You’re entering a workforce at a time when the world is plagued with fear, uncertainty and doubt. Coronavirus. Brexit. Government leadership transitions. Ever changing laws and regulations.

The way I see it is, you’re better equipped to survive – and thrive – in this world than any generation that’s come before you. 

You don’t marvel at the advancement of technology… you expect it. You don’t set a reminder to check social media… it’s a fluid part of all you do in a day. The powerful avatars many of you created in your youth represent your unique ability to accept and include all, whether blue, green, purple or other. Your openness to change and inclusivity will fundamentally change our workforce for the better.

As you build your ability to LEAD with this perspective, my hopes for the future grow.

My wish for you is a future where equality is the norm. A world where International Women’s Day is no longer about pushing a movement forward… but is, instead, a way to remember and honor a past where the world needed to build consensus around “Each for Equal.”

I wish for you a connected world that works together to solve problems on a global scale.

I’m committed to empowering that world. I’m committed to creating a truly inclusive culture that enables every individual to achieve her full potential. I’m committed to finding and aligning on the attributes that unite us. And I’m committed to always getting better.

Our strategy at Gartner has long been to create an environment of exceptional professional development. As a growth company, our associates have access to myriad growth opportunities. Whether it’s leading teams, groups, or ideas, Gartner is a great place to build and grow your leadership capability.

So, dear future leader, what are you committed to? How will you leverage your unique vantage point as an inclusive leader? I can’t wait to see what you will do and your impact on our world!

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