Celebrating Black History Month at Gartner

At Gartner, we strive to create an inclusive environment for all of our associates around the world. We believe that teams are made stronger and better by having members from diverse backgrounds, who bring different perspectives and experiences to the table.

Our Mosaic at Gartner employee resource group (ERG) is a global 600+ member team that is dedicated to increasing employee engagement, expanding diversity recruiting, and elevating the focus on career development for underrepresented races and ethnicities.

Throughout the month of February, Mosaic at Gartner held a variety of events to support its mission during Black History Month. Read more about these events and what Gartner associates had to say about them below.

Fort Myers, FL

Our Fort Myers office held an exhibit titled “Faces of Black History” to celebrate and honor influential black leaders.

“Through the month of February, Mosaic Fort Myers highlighted and recognized individuals who have shaped U.S. history and culture with a “Faces of Black History” series. Each year, this exhibit will grow, with additional figures to inspire each of us to leave our mark by using the gifts, strengths and talents that make us exceptional.”  –  Maya Mathis, Marketing Leaders Research Group Coordinator

On February 19 and 20, our Fort Myers chapter of Mosaic also hosted a “Lunch & Learn” to celebrate the culture, contributions and achievements historic figures in American history have made. This included bingo, trivia, a BBQ Smoke Truck Lunch, prizes and spotlights.

Irving, TX

Our Irving chapter of Mosaic held a webinar hosted by John Saunders, a digital marketing guru and founder of 5Four Digital and blackwallet.org. The webinar discussed the 7 lessons Saunders learned on the path to financial independence.

The office also helped raise awareness about black history with weekly newsletters about four significant eras in black history and key individuals who helped shape black culture as we know it today. The weekly themes were: “Harlem Renaissance,” “Civil Rights,” “The Rise of Black Power” and “State of the Culture.”

“The Mosaic ERG in Irving celebrated Black History Month this February with an intent to highlight and bring focus on, as well as educate our associates on, key movements during black history that changed paradigms and led to far-reaching impact.”  –  Munmun Mankotia, HR Business Unit Partner

Arlington, VA

Our Mosaic at Gartner chapter in Arlington hosted a Black History Month trivia game. The teams were asked questions which included a mix of Black History references and pop culture topics as well as a “finish the lyrics” round with music from the 80’s and 90’s. The two winning teams moved on to the final round, which was a Family Feud-style game.

Portland, OR

The Portland office coordinated a Lunch & Learn on Friday, February 24. Gartner associates watched the Oscar-award winning short film ‘Hair Love.’ Afterwards, associates were encouraged to speak about the movie topic as well as African-American representation in the workplace.

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