Embrace Change & Make an Impact: Sean Kim Shares About Gartner’s Services Team

Meet Sean Kim, a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University and Business Associate on our Services team in Egham. As a member of Gartner’s Service Leadership Program, he is sharing exclusive insight about the team as well as why he decided to join Gartner. Learn more about how Sean is making an impact with his work below. 

From Islamabad to Brussels, Jakarta and Washington D.C. I was born in Seoul but raised in four different countries. The constant changing of my environment and exposure to several different cultures definitely left loosened up my fear of change. Hence, I entered Carnegie Mellon University as an architecture student and graduated with a business and information systems degree; Building skyscrapers and making business decisions sure sounded like they have a lot in common. Moving on, I had the pleasure of serving in the Submarine Commands for the Navy in South Korea and moved on to intern as a data scientist in Germany. Clearly, I never fixated on a specific industry or region, considering my future career path.

Only two things mattered: The opportunity to solve tough problems and consistent learning. Gartner’s Service Leadership Program completely hit those two bases.

Imagine Gartner’s Client Services Organization (CSO) as a well-tuned car. Client Partners (CPs) and Client Managers (CMs) are the drivers who directly speak with the clients, Gartner resources are the chassis that holds the car together, and Service Leadership associates are the engine that powers the car home. Thus as Gartner’s internal consultants, we identify opportunities to grow and improve the operational efficiency of the organization and implement innovative programs to empower the CP and CMs to support their clients better.

To drive innovation in every part of the CSO, we are exposed to learning the ropes of Gartner’s business strategy, service model, product management methodology, and operational process for the specific business unit we are assigned to support. From my first day at work, I was assigned to a project on expanding the service model for Gartner Business Services, and within a month, I was presenting my work during quarterly leadership sessions with the C-suites. Very few jobs give a first-year associate the opportunity to fully own such a large-scale project from start to finish. For Gartner, it is up to you to hold the responsibility for your own work and set the direction of your project. That truly differentiates Gartner from any other company experiences I’ve had.

My most significant piece of advice to anyone considering applying to Gartner’s Service Leadership Program is three things:

  1. Strive in uncertainty
  2. Adapt to change
  3. Make an impact as a team

As much as the program gives endless opportunities to own and develop your projects, you are expected to navigate through uncertain problems and uncover the root cause, followed by a solution. Many can solve a clearly defined problem, but only a few can reveal what the real problem is in an uncertain situation.

Secondly, as a double-digit growth company, the priority of projects changes depending on internal and external factors within Gartner. Many are inclined to focus on what is comfortable and resist change, but only a few can manage not only to accept change but lead it, which is critical to a fast-growing firm.

Lastly, we deliver impact not as individual contributors, but as a team. Many can develop excellent results through their individual work, but at Gartner, the majority of work requires support from multiple business units and aligning their best interests. Having the ability to get buy-in from different teams and deliver results as a team is a critical skill necessary to succeed in Gartner.

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