Gartner’s Black Analyst Caucus Celebrates the Importance of Diversity in our Research & Advisory Community

At Gartner, the world’s leading research and advisory company, we believe that through diversity and inclusion we can become stronger and better by bringing together individuals from different backgrounds and experiences.

The Black Analyst Caucus, part of our Mosaic employee resource group (ERG), is a community dedicated to awareness, education and advancement of African American analysts in research at Gartner. The community shares experiences, ideas, and solutions to problems and how these can offer opportunities for growth.

In celebration of Black History Month in North America, we asked several of our top research analysts to share their experiences as members of Gartner’s Black Analyst Caucus. The following members explain how the Black Analyst Caucus has helped them, and how it can help other young professionals reach their full potential.

Daryl C. Plummer, Distinguished VP Analyst & Gartner Fellow, Black Analyst Caucus Chair

“Exposing young African American talent to the world of technology is a “must-do” activity in order to grow diversity. Most, especially African Americans, don’t know the depth to which technology advisory services go, nor do they know how to become engaged with those services. The Gartner Black Analyst Caucus provides a channel. Through that channel, in its relationship to our Mosaic ERG, the Black Analyst Caucus can open new flows of information from Gartner to communities of color and “BAC” again (Pun intended). This is a journey that is just beginning. A single step may be good for a start, but the Black Analyst Caucus hopes to turn that step into a stampede of diversity improvement.”

Jennifer Polk, VP Analyst

“The Black Analyst Caucus is a meeting of the minds of African American analysts and advisors from across Gartner on topics related to diversity and inclusion. Since connecting with the Black Analyst Caucus, I’ve found a community that shares a common understanding and commitment to racial diversity, as part of Gartner’s broader diversity and inclusion initiative, and a chance to expand and strengthen my network.

Gartner enables us to work for a world class organization, alongside brilliant minds, while living anywhere in the world.The Black Analyst Caucus has expanded my visibility into the African American community at Gartner, reminding me of both culture and commitment.“

Carlton Sapp, Senior Director Analyst

“I think it’s rare for organizations to truly give powerful voices to minorities—especially African Americans—even more so, African American veterans.  But I believe in progress, and I’m proud that the Black Analyst Caucus at Gartner is pioneering the collective intelligence of all research advisors who are reshaping popular discourses of technology.  Not only giving voices to people of color within the organization, but spreading that voice to the many clients and prospects we service.  Simply put, it’s a win for everyone if we continue to focus on diversity and allow for unique narratives at all levels of the organization to matter too.”

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