Mosaic at Gartner: Yolande Kwinana Shares About Her Role as a Diversity Champion

Meet Yolande Kwinana, a Sales Development Specialist and member of our Mosaic at Gartner employee resource group. Below, Yolande shares about her life at Gartner in our Arlington office and what it means to be a member of the Mosaic at Gartner group. 

My journey to Gartner was filled with confusion. I had been wrestling with offers from three other companies and, of course, I wanted to make sure I made the best decision. The company I was leaving had taught me so much, and it was important that I joined an environment that allowed me to continue to grow and learn.

I remember when my recruiter emailed me to schedule an interview — I was so excited. I had already received my other offers, but there was something about Gartner that made me want to see this through. I put my other offers on hold while I was figuring out if Gartner was the place for me.

The first thing I looked at when I searching for a company is whether or not there are other people who look like me. Will there be an environment in this company that embraces diversity and not just tolerates it? My life has multiple facets of diversity (gay, black and an immigrant), and I always want to feel welcomed in any workspace I enter.

I knew the Gartner name, which holds a lot of weight in the technology space. When I looked further I found the employee resource groups (ERGs). Gartner had one for each of my diversity aspects: Women at Gartner, Pride at Gartner and Mosaic at Gartner. None of the other companies I was considering had anything like it, and that became the turning point for me. Not only did Gartner foster an environment of inclusion but had a space where those groups could have a community and be celebrated. I knew then that this was the company I wanted to be a part of.

After joining Gartner I immediately joined the Mosaic group. Our Mosaic at Gartner ERG is dedicated to recruiting and engaging associates from under-represented races, ethnicities and cultural backgrounds. After some time of being a participant I realized I wanted to give more to the ERG. I recently took up a leadership position as the Regional Lead for Arlington Mosaic. Take a look below for a few of the ways in which I’ve gotten involved since joining:

  • We recently had our very first Mosaic Arlington Town Hall meeting to build and plan the future of Mosaic together as a community.
  • Our Arlington chapter hosted a very successful Thanksgiving potluck event end of last year to bring members together to share cultural foods and experiences.
  • We’re looking forward to Black History Month and celebrating with a series of events to highlighting the long history of Black Excellence.
  • We are working on various diversity programs in 2020, such as mentoring, recruitment and diversity analytics that could impact retention efforts. There are plenty of chances to get involved and help Gartner become even better!

Here at Gartner, there are plenty of ways to get involved and make this an even better place to work. I’m looking forward to continuing our efforts in establishing Mosaic and fostering a safe, inclusive workplace for all in Arlington.

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