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Marie Lebrec Swaps Her City Commute For Sun, Sea and Surf

February 05, 2020

What does change mean to you? For many people, it can be ask basic as switching up your morning routine or getting a new haircut. For others change is buying a new car, moving to a new city or even changing up your career path. No matter what the ‘change’ may be. its important to weigh your options and make the decision you’ll be happiest with. Don’t believe us? Just ask Marie Lebrec, an Account Executive at Gartner, who transferred from London to our office in Sydney, Australia to swap her city commute for sun, sea and surf. Learn more about Marie’s career journey below. 

I applied to work for Gartner in my last year at Bath University, not ever thinking that I wanted to pursue a career in sales but finding appeal in the level of interaction and exposure to senior leaders that a job as an account management associate offered. I worked my way up through the levels of the program before applying for an account executive position in the Legal and Compliance program and then moving into the Audit and Risk program in Sydney.

I remember reading an article a couple of years ago in which several people were surveyed about their biggest regrets in life and being fascinated by it. Among the obvious (not resolving family estrangements, not being careful enough when choosing a life partner, etc.), there were two that stood out for me: Not traveling enough and not taking more career chances.

You can take so many avenues with Gartner. Working across the Sydney market and for a different program has been a terrific learning opportunity at a professional level, allowing me to expand my business acumen and gain a new perspective on how people do business. At a personal level, I’ve met a whole network of new people and discovered joy in a new hobby (not to sound too much like the Australian cliché) — surfing! I would encourage anyone who is open to new opportunities to strongly consider applying for Gartner.

Another key part of why I enjoy working for Gartner is the culture of giving back. There is a wealth of opportunity at Gartner to pursue what you care about alongside your day-to-day work. For example, London’s Air Ambulance is a charity that is very close to my heart. They saved my sister’s life when she was involved in a serious cycling accident with a skip lorry on her way to work a few years ago. Ever since the accident, my family and I have been supporting the charity in any way we can and with the support of Gartner.

Gartner is a great organization to work for if you’re involved in charity work because they match donations up to $5,000 and promote charitable behaviors among their employees. In 2018, I participated in the Marathon des Sables with the CEO from London’s Air Ambulance, the pilot who was flying the helicopter that saved my sister’s life and the surgeon who operated at the roadside. As a team, we each attempted to complete six marathons in six days, carrying all our supplies, across the Sahara Desert. Safe to say that the experience broke me physically, but Gartner matched over $5,000 of donations, bringing the team’s total to over £100,000. Not only do they support the causes that you care about financially, but they encourage smaller-scale fundraising efforts such as bake sales, quizzes, etc.

A key take-away from me is to know what makes you feel fulfilled and find an employer that can enable it — whatever it is. For me, it’s personal growth: Moving myself out of my comfort zone, meeting new people and having a platform to be able to give back. What’s yours?

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As Gartner’s global footprint continues to expand, our associates are encouraged to make a positive impact in their local communities. Learn more about our culture, employee resource groups and community engagement efforts here.

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