Christopher Huh: How a Networking Dinner Turned Into a Career Opportunity


Sometimes you find career opportunities when you least expect them, sometimes in the most unusual of places. Don’t believe us? Just ask Chistopher Huh, Business Associate on our Product & Services team in Stamford, CT. Take a look at his career journey with Gartner below and how he has been able to make an impact with his work.

To be honest, my path to Gartner was a surprising one, even to myself. Let me explain by analogy. If you’re a casual consumer of any sort of story-based media, you’ve either heard of or implicitly understand the phrase deus ex machina. Despite its esoteric origins, it basically refers to a plot device where an ostensibly irresolvable problem is suddenly resolved in an unexpected fashion. The plucky horror-movie heroine discovers the villain’s secret weakness, Chris Pratt saves the galaxy last-minute in a dance battle, and so forth.

So what was my seemingly irresolvable problem? As most 22-year olds on the cusp of graduation, I was looking for a job. My experiences thus far were fairly eclectic. I completed an aerospace consulting internship, was the CFO of the Harvard Crimson and also did a stint as a product manager at a startup for luxury hotels. Although disparate, what unified those experiences was a desire not to immediately specialize, but learn fast, grow quickly and gain exposure to a variety of different roles. As you can imagine, it was difficult to find an opportunity that fit that description and would allow me the freedom to continue exploring.

The deus ex machina twist came in the form of an unplanned dinner I had with a Harvard alumnus and Gartner VP. A friend of mine coincidentally happened to be interviewing for Gartner, and the VP invited him to bring some guests for a casual meal. Over hors d’oeuvres, I learned how exceptional Gartner is, exhibiting unparalleled double-digit growth as an industry leader in research, and continuously innovating by expanding its offerings across business functions.

I also learned about the business rotational program, which allows associates to serve on three teams across Gartner, and exit into a leadership role based on those rotations. I was immediately drawn to the possibility of custom-tailoring my career path, and pursuing that journey by working in different business units that have their own distinct culture, projects and goals. Through speaking with rotational analysts during the interview process, it became clear that gaining that diversity and depth of experience was a truly unique opportunity. For instance, there are few places where you’d be able to immerse yourself in a startup-like environment on Gartner Peer Insights, and foster project management skills, in Products and Services.

Although I’ve been working at Gartner for only a couple of months, I’m happy to say that my intuition was confirmed. My manager quickly acclimated me with our technologies used and provided me with the resources needed to succeed. What most impressed me is the level of responsibility entrusted to Gartner employees from day one.

Last month, for instance, my manager helped me to produce a survey distributed to over 2,000 of Gartner’s sales staff, and I leveraged that data to create a presentation with clear recommendations for how sales data tools could be improved in 2020. What’s fantastic is that this is just one of many projects that I have worked on.

If you’re someone who’s curious, wants to gain exposure by doing and happens to be reading this article, I cannot recommend Gartner’s rotational program enough. Regardless of what you’re interested in, I guarantee there’s an abundance of teams and complex projects that will help develop your skills and advance your career. And who knows, maybe it’ll be the deus ex machina for your story, too.

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