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Build, Develop, Grow: Soar to New Heights on Our Research & Advisory Team

January 17, 2020

When you join Gartner’s Research & Advisory team, you unlock endless possibilities for your career. Interested in learning more about our opportunities for career growth and professional development? Below, Stacey Phipps shares her growing with Gartner story and how she’s able to make an impact with her work as a graphic designer over the course of her 6-year career.

My journey in the workforce as a senior graphic designer began in 2013 at 1919 Lynn Street, Arlington, VA. For those who don’t know, that was the address of the company building of (then) CEB, now Gartner. It’s where I started as a design contractor and quickly realized while experience will make you wise, change is the common factor that has the leading role in all parts of our lives. Fast forward to now, when I am located at the new Gartner Tower in Arlington, VA.

I note the Tower because seeing it at its development stages — when there were only piles of shattered concrete and empty space — was like seeing myself transition from the old location to the new one. Here I was about to be uprooted, molded once again in my career path by change and its unwavering law. I was about to be made new from the ground up. Boy, was it scary.

A building represents only a fraction of the architect’s true idea, and I appreciated this metaphor that was unfolding in front of me as years went by. It became a symbol of levels I started to reach at Gartner. Like leveling up your avatar in a video game, working here has unlocked potential within me I didn’t know I had. It signaled a change in my career perspective, new partnerships that were about to be made, new teams and processes that were about to be revealed, a change in my career’s environment from something old to something new, something small to bigger…better.

My experience has pressed me toward an understanding of what I am capable of as a senior graphic designer at Gartner.
I’ve learned it’s not just about creating something so it looks pretty, it’s about creating something to be effective, efficient and valuable to the message being shared so it maintains a level of impact in a viewer’s mind. I learned it’s not just about the details but rather about how things work collectively, as a whole.

It has been an exciting, bumpy, ever-changing journey that has proven to be a place where culture, respect, opportunity and inspiration are factored into our work routine. Here, your value is appreciated. Your ideas are welcomed, and for me, motivation is like a sweet song playing itself back in my ear every morning. I’ve been given the opportunity to excel at what I love the most and learning new skills, all while doing it alongside amazing peers who value the same thing!

It’s my duty, as a strong active advocate of the Gartner brand, to uphold our visual identity system. In my field of design, communication is key. Being responsive, engaged, and proactive in your client and peer interactions is crucial. Because I am taking high-level ideas and compressing them into visuals that are effective, simple and supportive, it’s important to understand what matters most. I occasionally ask myself, “What is the value behind what needs to be presented?” With the help of peers, we find ways to enhance a product and the client experience.

Like a caterpillar awaiting its beautiful wings, anything that goes through a period of transition appears scary, chaotic and confusing. But as you move forward in your career path here at Gartner, as you further your learning in this field of dreams, as the paint and walls start go up, your wings come. I’m thankful Gartner became the place my wings were born.

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