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Take a Behind the Scenes Look at Gartner’s Technology Team

January 03, 2020

Are you interested in joining Gartner’s growing IT organization? Below, Adhaar Jain, a Senior Software Engineer in Gurgaon, India, is offering an exclusive look into what his day-to-day is like on our Conferences and Marketing Technologies team.

After graduating with a master’s degree in software engineering from BITS, Pilani, I joined Gartner in 2017 as Senior Java Developer. I am currently part of the Conferences and Marketing (CM) team, which is responsible for Gartner’s website and our conferences-specific websites.

When I first joined Gartner, I was one of the initial members on the CM team in India. Since then the team has experienced fabulous growth and is continuing to expand – even hiring new associates in our Stamford, CT headquarters. Each day in the life of an IT team member is full of new opportunities and challenges — let me give you a glimpse into what my life at Gartner is like.

What does the job look like?

My typical day starts with collaborating with the Scrum Team in one of our daily stand-up meetings, where we set our daily primacies. This is a time for our team to review the past day. Also, we discuss what we plan to accomplish in the day. Our India team convenes in a meeting room, and our Scrum Master discusses the status of our current deliverables. These meetings are standard and help flag any potential blockers in a sprint for the team.

Preparing for the day

How does a typical day for an IT developer start? For me, I look at my tasks and ask myself, What do I need to prep? What do I need to work on to ensure that my work assignments are delivered on time?

Next, I work on the JIRA stories assigned to me in the current sprint. The work includes requirement analysis, technical solutions and development. I also work on tasks I had created the previous day. We are always willing to work through complex issues together while keeping our five key engineering values in mind: learning, simplicity, security, scalability and innovation.

Learning is the key

At Gartner, both personal and professional development are key. Our associates are always learning something new, be it technical or interpersonal skills — we are always developing new skills by challenging ourselves. It adds value to our team as well as to the organization. Gartner places huge importance on professional development, giving associates access to online as well as offline courses, which helps you to keep up with fast-paced industry standards.

Leveraging technology to develop tools to achieve mission-critical priorities

Gartner brings new opportunities to implement technology-driven innovations. We work closely with our business stakeholders and constantly plan on the enhancement of our products for a better user experience and overall performance. Our clients are business owners, who make sure that we understand the impact our work is having on the overall success of their organizations.


I am very privileged to be working with an exceptional engineering team. Everyone is collaborative and always keen to help. With the constant organization growth, associates are always presented with multiple opportunities on multiple initiatives. Overall, the culture and people are what makes Gartner a great place to work!

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