Jonathan Frei is Growing on Gartner’s Marketing Team

At Gartner, we give our associates the tools needed to succeed from their first day on the job. Interested in learning more about our opportunities for career growth and professional development? Meet Jonathan Frei, Director of Marketing on our Corporate Marketing team, working in our Fort Myers, Florida office. Below, he is sharing the lessons he has learned throughout his career journey with Gartner and what he enjoys most about his role.

Persistence matters

I moved to Fort Myers, FL, after getting married in 2008. My wife grew up in Fort Myers, and although I hadn’t spent much time down south, I was ready for a new adventure with her — and south Florida was the place for me. One of the first companies I applied to for work was Gartner. At the time, however, my experience and skills didn’t quite line up with Gartner’s needs. I moved on to other endeavors, but kept my eyes and ears open to see what positions at Gartner opened up over the years. I tried again a few years later, still without success. Then in 2015, at long last, there was a match!

Prior to joining Gartner, I worked in digital marketing and marketing technology across a variety of small companies/industries including SaaS, adtech, biotech and service management software. In each of these roles, I sought first to master the job I was hired for and then to look for where else I could help the company succeed while expanding my own skill set. My natural curiosity and motivation to improve myself drove me to learn as much as I could in each position, both to get better at my current role and to prepare me for the next challenge. What I didn’t know at the time was that each step of my journey was in some way preparing me for Gartner, and to be in the middle of the ever-expanding arena of marketing technology.

I’ve been with Gartner now for a little over four years. I was hired in the summer of 2015 as a marketing manager in the Conferences business. My role was to enable the conference attendee sales teams to sell tickets by arming them with information about the conferences and their target audiences. My role gradually evolved into sales enablement technology, supporting the CAS team with tools, technology and data to achieve their goals. Once again, the skills I had learned while waiting to find the right opportunity at Gartner were now opening doors for me here.

Growing with Gartner

From there, I moved over to the Corporate Marketing team into an operations & technology role to support our martech stack and lead management programs. As a member of the corporate marketing operations team, my role is to enable the marketing organization and our stakeholders to achieve their objectives through technology enhancements and process improvements. In marketing operations, there is always a new and interesting challenge to tackle in our efforts to help our sales partners build, accelerate and convert pipeline.

Every day I’m still learning, and now at Gartner, I have a nearly limitless library of insights from our analysts, and plenty of opportunities to put what I learn into action. Even though it took a few tries to find the right fit, it was well worth the wait to attain the skills that I now use every day to help my team and stakeholders.

What I love about working for Gartner
  1. Gartner hires and retains great people, which means my team and the teams of my key stakeholders are filled with smart, talented people from whom I have much to learn and who are fun to work with.
  2. Gartner has a culture of continuous improvement — we are always looking for bright spots, things that work well and figuring out how to expand the impact.
  3. Gartner is a growth company where there are always new and interesting opportunities to impact the performance of the business.
  4. Gartner has great offices around the world, but, most importantly, in southwest Florida, where I am most at home.

If you’re looking for a job at Gartner, check out the listing of current opportunities and put in an application. Or better yet, if you know someone at Gartner, talk to them about life at Gartner and ask for a referral. And if you’ve applied before, learn some more, grow your skills and don’t hesitate to try again (and again and again). It’s well worth the wait to find the best fit.

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