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Meet Eduardo Rivera Greenwood, Senior Advisory Specialist

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Below, Eduardo Rivera Greenwood, a senior advisory specialist with Gartner’s HR practice, shares his story and offers career advice for others looking to grow with Gartner.

Eduardo’s Career Story

I had the opportunity to join Gartner’s Human Resources advisory team in the fall of 2015 as an advisory specialist. I had worked in a support role in the sales function for about 2 years before making the transition. I learned early on that I enjoyed working directly with clients and learning our robust library of best practices on various business topics. After looking at the different roles that Gartner had to offer, I realized that the Gartner Advisory practice was the place for me.

After a couple of short weeks in the new job, I was asked to help with client questions coming from Latin America on topics I was not entirely familiar with. Given my fluency in Spanish and the high volume of work for the whole team, my manager asked me to help writing out responses to client questions. One of the key traits that make working in Advisory a great experience is a willingness my peers have to help each other out and bounce ideas off each other to best help our clients. Regardless of the challenge that we are facing as individuals or as a team, we always come together to support each other.

Very few jobs require their employees to exhibit intellectual curiosity as much as the Advisory role. Having access to some of the brightest minds in business and working with companies that you grew up admiring is an empowering feeling that very few have the privilege of experiencing early on in their careers. I had graduated college almost two and a half years when I stated in advisory, and it was surreal when heads of function from Fortune 500 organizations asked, “What should we do here?” I was very surprised to learn as much as I did in a very short amount of time, along with polishing my business acumen and issue-diagnosis skills.

Why Join Gartner’s Research & Advisory Team?

The role of the advisor is in a privileged position at Gartner. Not only are you working alongside your Sales partners to help clients, but you also work very closely with the Research team. As advisors, we have the responsibility to gather client feedback to identify ways to improve and build on our research capabilities and create new content based on new insights we learn during our interactions. We usually say in our team that advisors serve as a “bridge,” helping our clients understand our research in their context to tackle specific challenges.

Someone who would thrive in this job is intellectually curious, eager to learn new things and keep learning, able to adapt to change and work in a highly collaborative environment. As an advisor, you should feel comfortable with clients and colleagues pushing back and challenging your thinking to help you develop better solutions. This job requires you to learn as you go — don’t expect to have all the answers before helping the advisory team with client issues. Don’t be afraid to ask questions (lots of them!) and “Why?” That’s what is expected of you when you join the advisory team.

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