Gartner Sales: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Become a Client Team

When you join Gartner’s Sales team, you unlock endless possibilities for your career. Whether you are looking to build relationships with clients or solve business challenges at an industry level, our world-class organization will keep you at the top of your game.

Interested in learning more about our team? Below, Maria Adams shares about our Become a Client team and how she is able to make an impact with her work as a Lead Qualification Specialist in our Fort Myers, Florida office.

What is the Become a Client (BAC) team:

Become a Client is a dynamic division within Gartner that provides a simple way for potential clients to reach out to Gartner. As a team, we cover sales inquiries from all business functions Gartner supports, including IT, finance, strategy, marketing, legal, supply chain, communications, human resources and more. BAC is made up of business developers and lead qualification specialists who focus on rapidly responding to inquiries that originate from the Gartner website. Our business developers are in charge of the full sales cycle from start to finish, while our lead qualification specialists partner with the global sales team to qualify potential clients and align them with the correct Gartner representative depending on their unique needs. Vincent Passanisi, Area Vice President for the Become a Client team, talks about why our team is so important to him: “When you are part of the Become a Client team, you are the face of Gartner to anyone who goes to our website and raises their hand because they are interested in learning who we are or what we do, and their business has a problem to solve. Knowing our opportunity is so vast, and our influence can be so profound across almost every C-level function, the BAC team’s ability to get people engaged in real time and with some of the most talented sales people at Gartner, is exciting and impactful!”

The Lead Qualification Specialist role:

The Lead Qualification Specialist (LQS) role provides a snapshot into all the different business units at Gartner. We have direct contact with C-level executives from pre-revenue startups to Fortune 500 companies across all industries. This exposure fosters an environment of growth because our team is in contact with these different business units every day. Within the LQS role, no two days are the same. We are focused on rapidly responding to inbound leads (our goal is to reach out within 2 minutes), running the first part of the sales cycle, and seamlessly transitioning leads to the appropriate contact. This role helps to streamline customer experience and plays a crucial part in the sales cycle. In addition, being a LQS generates opportunities for development both personally and professionally. I joined Gartner a year and a half ago, and the BAC team has played a huge role in my development since then. Not only has my ability to communicate improved but I feel confident talking to anyone, at any level within a company, and in providing value to them.

Three key traits to be highly successful in the role:

  1. Drive for success: Having a drive for success is important in any role at Gartner. The BAC team demonstrates this trait by being goal-orientated and results-driven. Our leadership team empowers us to take responsibility for our own success and is there to provide guidance and support. Being willing to “go the extra mile” and put in hard work will lead to success.
  2. Ability to collaborate: Success and collaboration go hand-in-hand in two ways. First, as we work directly with sales teams across every business unit, it is important to be willing to work together to best serve the potential client. Second, collaboration within our team is extremely important for personal growth. We are open and transparent with one another when providing feedback to benefit our teammates.
  3. Positive mindset: In any sales role, having a positive mindset is crucial in finding success, and the LQS role is no different. Being able to pick yourself back up after a tough call and learn from your mistakes but not dwell on them allows you to focus on what matters the most. Having a positive mindset does not mean that you never have a bad day but that you don’t let those days keep you from achieving your goals.

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