4 Reasons Associates Love Life at Gartner in Taipei

Are you interested in joining the Gartner team in one of our global office locations? Gartner’s office in Taiwan is located in the Xinyi District of Taipei City, near the Taipei 101 building and City Hall. Working in a major high-tech, industrial area will provide you with easy transportation access, world-famous historical landmarks and a bustling town center where you can absorb the local culture. Below, our associates share the top four reasons they enjoy life at Gartner in the local Taipei office.

1. Easy access to the heart of the city: Gartner’s office is situated in the heart of Taipei City. The Taipei 101, formerly known as the Taipei World Financial Center, is one of the world’s largest skyscrapers and is just a short walk from the office. The Xinyi District of the city is one of the most modern, with shopping centers and entertainment facilities close by. Another great perk of Gartner’s local office? Associates can enjoy the Taipei 101 New Year’s Eve fireworks display from the building!

2. Food paradise: Are you a foodie? Our office is surrounded by all types of cuisine options, including gourmet restaurants, local delicacies and even Michelin starred establishments. You can enjoy the view of the city as you dine in one of the many skyscrapers or stroll the markets for a more adventurous dining experience.

3. Cultural and creative ambiance: Songshan Cultural and Creative Park was established as a “creative hub of Taipei,” hoping to inspire, foster and cultivate creative talents and energy among its visitors. Just a short walk from the Gartner office, our associates can come here during a midday work break or to observe the art after work. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall, a multi-purpose socialeducational and cultural center for the public, is also nearby. Visitors can stroll its gardens, take in historical exhibits or attend a performance.

4. Exercise hub: If you’re into fitness, there is no shortage of local hotspots near the Gartner office. The Xiangshan Hiking Trail or Elephant Mountain are great ways to take in the local atmosphere while staying active. Gartner associates also enjoy the fitness center located in the same building as the office as well as a nearby yoga house.

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