Our Veterans at Gartner Employee Resource Group Makes an Impact in Dallas, Texas


At Gartner, we believe that as individuals, as communities and as an organization we are stronger and better by bringing diverse perspectives and experiences together. Through the work of our employee resource groups (ERGs), we strive to establish an inclusive and supportive environment. Our Veterans at Gartner ERG is dedicated to making Gartner a great place to work for top military talent and their families.

Veterans at Gartner’s presence continues to grow across our organization, with over 700 members in offices across the United States, Europe, Australia and India. Co-chairs Katherine Barno and Eric Rahman help to facilitate the ERG’s activities and initiatives, including military-focused networking events and establishing a workplace where veteran associates and families can succeed.

Most recently, Veterans at Gartner established a formal chapter in our Dallas, Texas, office. Local leads Jess McClure and Jacob Welch will hold monthly meetings for veteran associates, families and others interested in volunteering, networking and supporting veteran candidates looking to join Gartner. Currently, the Dallas chapter has 80 members and is continuing to grow.

Associates involved in the group share about their experiences as members and how Gartner’s culture of inclusivity and empowerment has helped them reach their full potential.

The Veterans at Gartner group creates a sense of comradery among its members because of the group’s mission and dedication to helping others. Everyone is always trying to better a process or gain support for a fundraiser for the Wounded Warrior Project. It reflects positively on the veterans and brings to light how we can all help one another. — Lance Pate, Research Engagement Services Specialist, U.S. Marine Corps

Having a community to connect with and learn from as we navigate corporate life is the most valuable thing to me. It provides an opportunity to foster mentorship and create events that bring awareness to the veteran community, and it’s a place to funnel feedback to further develop resources and HR programs for our employees that have or are still serving. — Lisa Haywood, Account Executive, U.S. Air Force

Knowing that Gartner as an organization fundamentally values and supports veterans is excellent. The ability to connect to a group that shares similar experiences and challenges is reassuring and will help to guarantee my success here at Gartner. Additionally, as a group I feel that we will be able to better support Gartner’s mission by best utilizing our unique backgrounds. — Greg Cummings, Business Development Executive, U.S. Marine Corps

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