3 Ways Dan Carr Uses His Military Experience at Gartner


At Gartner, veterans make an impact by bringing their unique skill sets and experiences to work with them each and every day. As we look to hire top talent across our teams, we strive to attract veteran candidates and make Gartner a great place for military members and their families to work.

Interested in joining our team? Below, Dan Carr, Gartner Account Manager and U.S. Navy veteran, shares about how he applies his military experience to his corporate role.

1. Never stop improving: The biggest mistake you can make, especially in naval aviation, is to be complacent. All the best leaders and mentors I had in the U.S. Navy constantly pushed me to be better every single day. With that said, when you become complacent, things easily fall to the wayside. The same principle applies here with Gartner’s ever-challenging environment. If you aren’t constantly trying to sharpen your skills, learn new things or embrace training from others, things will fall by the wayside. If you have the will to learn and push yourself to make sure that at the end of every day you go home knowing that you improved, it puts you in a great position for your career and is a testament to our amazing culture.

2. Adapting to the unexpected: Going from a helicopter and flight decks to an office setting can be a challenging transition. The ability to adapt to an ever-changing environment was expected when deployed in the Navy, and it’s crucial here at Gartner as well. The way you handle the unexpected will make or break your experience, especially when working directly with executives on their priorities. Having that in your toolkit and going from the armed forces to the corporate world is a skill I’m very grateful to learn.

3. Your team is your family: Everyone knows that when you’re serving, you never know where you may end up living and that it usually changes every 2-4 years. Moving around and leaving home has been tough at times, but when you have an amazing team, they become your family. Instantly, you go to them for help or when in times of adversity and knowing that they are there is a comfortable feeling. The team aspect is very much embraced here at Gartner, and when you have your team’s back, they’ll always have yours.

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