How My Gartner Internship Turned into a Career


Are you a student or recent graduate looking to kick-start your career after graduation? Parimal Gaur, a former intern and current Digital Publishing Manager in Gurgaon, is sharing her growing with Gartner story and offering some advice to students who are looking to begin their careers.

My Career Path

I joined CEB, now Gartner, as an intern in the publishing department in 2011, and within two months of completing my internship, I accepted a full-time offer to join the team. In my first post-graduate role, I worked on many challenging projects that helped me gain confidence and allowed me the chance to work with cross-functional teams.

Over the course of a few years, I was able to move from an intern role to that of a manager, who can identify and solve business problems. I achieved this by adopting a growth mindset (no-limits mindset that is persistent and resilient) and moving away from a fixed mindset (that prefers the familiar and doesn’t adapt). I also have managers who gave me limitless opportunities to grow within Gartner.

Another skill I have picked up at Gartner is coaching. Seeing talent grow gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction. In my tenure I have mentored and coached at least 50 interns, and many of them are now my colleagues. I believe people perform best when they are dedicated, feel personal satisfaction in their work and enjoy what they do. And I have enjoyed every day of my 7 years at Gartner.

My Career Advice

Be curious and ask questions: It’s important to never stop learning. Even the most successful professionals are constantly asking questions to stay informed, build confidence and move forward.

Define goals, prioritize and succeed: Do your work in an organized way, plan your strategies for completing a given task in a short span of time and determine your priorities. This will help you become efficient and productive.

Be a team player and have a leadership mindset: Put the team’s objectives above yours and take the initiative of getting things done without being asked. Be an active participant and do more than what your job title states. This will help you create a positive working environment, gain more visibility and develop connections to accelerate your career.

Maintain an innovative culture: Gartner encourages innovation, so feel free to experiment and run with new solutions for your customers. This will not only help you come up with great business solutions but will also create excitement for you and boost your job satisfaction and morale.

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