How to Succeed on Gartner’s Growing Sales Team in London


Are you considering a career in sales? Gartner’s office in London is growing and looking for top talent to join the team. Are you interested in making an impact with your work? When you join the growing Gartner team in London, you will help provide finance leaders from around the globe with strategic business advice to ensure their organizational success.

Below, Lauren Eastwood-Hancox, a sales manager in our London office, shares the four qualities we look for in a successful candidate and how you can highlight these qualities in an interview:

1. Collaboration: Having open lines of communication and being a team player are key traits for success on our team. We look for people who work well with others, so it’s important to come prepared to your interview with a few examples of how you’ve worked with other teams to accomplish a goal.

2. Focus and grit: On our team, we work with CFOs from some of the world’s leading enterprise organizations — these people are often difficult to get ahold of and have busy schedules. We look for highly driven, tenacious and dynamic people who can engage and capture the attention of this senior stakeholder group.

3. A love of learning: It is important that we keep up with ever-changing industry trends to provide our clients with the best experience possible. Our team believes in the importance of coaching others and continued professional development — when you enhance your knowledge and expertise, you are not only benefiting yourself and the team, but the entire company.

4. Personality: During the interview process, we want to get to know you. Because you will be interacting with C-level clients regularly, it is important that you are not only professional, but also personable. You should be able to communicate effectively while selling and establish a personal connection with your clients.

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