Gartner’s Pride at Gartner Employee Resource Group Makes an Impact in the Local Dallas Community

Meet Hannason Lindley, a Talent Sourcer for the Associate Referral Program Team supporting North American HR and LE Sales referrals in Irving, Texas. He is one of the Co-Chairs and Event Coordinators for the Irving Pride at Gartner chapter. Below, Hannason shares about his involvement in our employee resource group (ERG) and a recent Pride at Gartner volunteer event.

“Do the right thing, and great results will follow.”

This is the second in a list of 10 cultural elements that Gartner uses to describe who we are and what makes us remarkable. We are an organization driven by impact — the impact we make for our clients, as well as the impact we make for our associates. In this message, I invite you to extend this same impact driven-mentality to your local communities.

I joined Gartner in July of this year after several months of hopeful persistence. As an applicant, eager to learn everything there is to learn about Gartner (and there’s a lot to learn), I was particularly impressed by Gartner’s clear and unwavering commitment to diversity and inclusion. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, this gave me such profound confidence.

In February, I attended a recruiting event at the Center of Excellence in Irving, Texas, with my now-fellow Gartner associate and dear friend, Brigitte Goldman. During a presentation at this event, we learned that Gartner was recognized as a “Best Place to Work for LGBTQ Equality” with a top score of 100% on the Corporate Equality Index administered by the Human Rights Campaign. This fact alone is outstanding, but its mere mention spoke volumes. It told us that Gartner is an organization that is proud to support LGBTQ+ equality all the time, not only when it’s convenient or popular during Pride Month. All of this led me to learn about the employee resource group (ERG) called Pride at Gartner.

Before joining Gartner, I’d never heard of an ERG. So naturally, I was immediately interested in Pride at Gartner, an ERG created as a resource for LGBTQ+ associates and their allies to promote an inclusive work environment. Everyone is welcome at Pride at Gartner, no matter how they identify. I knew I had to get involved in whatever way I could. I attended my first Pride at Gartner meeting the month I started. In the meeting, we had the opportunity to get to know one another, discussed ways we could make our workplace more inclusive and brainstormed ideas for group events — including volunteering. There was one organization that immediately came to mind.

The Resource Center is the leading LGBTQ+ and HIV/AIDS service organization in North Texas. It provides many essential services to the local LGBTQ+ community including but not limited to: Low-cost counseling, support groups, nutritional services, STD testing and treatment and dental care, as well as the treatment, education and prevention of HIV/AIDS.

Recently, several of my colleagues and I volunteered at The Resource Center’s Health Campus — where The Center operates its hot-meals program, serving 600 meals per week, as well as its food pantry — where we were stationed for the day.

The Resource Center’s food pantry was started in 1985 in the form of a cardboard box located in the heart of Dallas’ predominantly LGBTQ+ neighborhood, Oak Lawn. Today, the food pantry has expanded into a state-of-the-art facility that resembles a grocery store and serves more than 800 low-income or homeless HIV-positive individuals on a weekly basis. After being checked in, clients are equipped with a shopping cart and a list of fresh produce, canned goods, perishable items and frozen food. They’re able to make their way around the pantry and shop for items they want within the quantity limits outlined on their lists. This simple act restores their autonomy and builds up their dignity.

As volunteers, we assisted by stocking shelves, unloading donations and checking clients out of the facility. Besides our helping hands, we were able to offer kindness — smiles and listening ears. We heard their stories of familial rejection, of loved ones lost and of the lengths they went through to brave the 97°F (36°C) Texas heat to make it to the pantry that day. Mainly, we heard gratitude — thanking us for being there. We saw the looks of relief on their faces, knowing they can make it through another week. By the end of the day, we had served around 200 clients.

We were so honored to represent Gartner and volunteer a few hours of our time to such an important organization. The Resource Center is exceptional, but it is not unique. There are countless organizations like it across the planet doing so much good for their local communities.

We are an organization of over 16,000 employees, operating out of 100 countries. Imagine the impact we could have if we all decided to give a few hours of our time, or a few dollars from our paycheck, to a local nonprofit charity that speaks to our hearts. Gather a few of your fellow associates, get involved, and make an impact.

Discover more about inclusion, engagement and diversity at Gartner here. 

As Gartner’s global footprint continues to expand, our associates are encouraged to make a positive impact in their local communities. Learn more about our culture, employee resource groups and community engagement efforts here.

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