Striving For Balance: Jeff Cook Shares His Story

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Written By Jeffery Cook, Senior Account Executive

Here’s your cake. Do you have it or do you eat it? It’s the perennial (and syntactically perplexing) dilemma.

Today, no “cake” may be more elusive both to have *and* to eat than work-life balance. We are an achievement-obsessed culture, and to desire “having it all” is virtually universal, essentially human. While I’ve hardly mastered the balance myself —spoiler alert — Gartner has made the cake much more attainable.

What can I say? Gartner’s all I know. From freshly minted college grad to freshly minted 30-something, the journey with the company has been extraordinary. Our clients are the most brilliant minds in technology and in business. Our brand breeds immediate credibility and trust. Our work drives a lasting and material impact. And our thought leadership for what’s next and what’s possible ensures an evergreen relevance. I’ve had the privilege of growing with the company for the past eight years and through four different roles, and it’s hard imagining life any other way.

Sure, there are the days where it feels like there isn’t enough coffee in the world …but overall, I’ve been impressed by how much work-life balance is a priority for the company. While Gartner expects you to work hard, it has just as much expectation that you play hard too (whatever that looks like for you). The company recognizes that it’s the means to an end (not the end) and what we do OUTSIDE of the office fuels what we do INSIDE of it.

Life hasn’t slowed down these past eight years either. I’ve lived in a couple of different places, met and married my now-husband, seen some fantastic landscapes and logged quite a few passport stamps (Thanks for the trip to Sydney, Gartner…one of the best!), and added a mortgage to the monthly expenses.

And in the end, there’s been a fantastic intersection of work and personal life. Some of my best friendships have been made through Gartner. And, I would challenge anyone to find a stronger network of role models, mentors, cheerleaders and friends than the one I’ve created with this company.

Do I have my cake *and* eat it too? Sometimes, and it’s due largely in part to Gartner. If you want to have *and* eat your own, then here’s a pretty good place to start.

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  1. Matthew Bate

    Jeffery, I’ll be honest, this gave me chills. I just left a great job where I had the opportunity to make a major impact (and I did). I hated to leave, and while I loved what I did, all work and no play was a difficult and ultimately unsatisfying life to lead. It’s important for us to be recharged outside of work so we can give our best while in the office. Thanks again for sharing, and I hope to have the opportunity to learn first hand about Gartner’s amazing culture.

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