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Behind-The-Scenes of Gartner’s Services Rotational Development Program

September 30, 2019

Meet Varun Bairaboina, a graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay and Team Lead on our Service Strategy & Operations team. As a recent graduate of Gartner’s Services Rotational Development Program in Gurgaon, he is sharing exclusive insight on the program as well as why he decided to join the Gartner team. Interested in learning more? Read Varun’s story below. 

I studied at IIT Bombay, where I majored in electrical engineering with a minor in management studies. One thing I really enjoyed the most during my college years was being able to solve a tough problem by breaking it down methodically into smaller problems, solving and tying them all back together. I was highly inclined toward applying my analytical skills in solving problems, which would also help me gain exposure to business. After having worked at a big data consulting firm for about 18 months, I was looking for a chance to grow in my career. I knew that I wanted to become a more effective leader, whom people would look up to, and Gartner’s rotational program was the perfect fit.

Rotational associates are an integral part of the Client Services Organization (CSO), working on high-business-impact projects that will directly affect Gartner’s client retention. We lead innovations when solving the business problems and drive change management across various teams. We identify various opportunities for growth and improve operational efficiency by making sure that best practices are being adopted throughout the business functions we are working with.

The structure of the rotational program ensures that you get exposure to product management and marketing, business strategy, operational efficiency and effectiveness, and solving complex business problems within a short span of time. Working across different teams with very senior leaders in the organization helps in rapidly developing business skills and equipping you with essential leadership traits to advance professionally.

The program allowed for me to work with and gain exposure to several teams within Gartner’s Services organization. I even had the opportunity to present my work during quarterly leadership sessions. The constructive feedback that I keep receiving from the leadership team is crucial for my development. I was instrumental in setting up the data analytics and insights for various service units on the Products & Services team, which led to higher client engagement and retention.

What did I enjoy the most about being a part of Gartner’s Rotational Program?

  • I had ownership and complete responsibility for my work
  • Working in a collaborative environment with highly talented individuals who are passionate about what they do
  • Endless opportunities to develop professionally and personally
  • Great coaching from leadership and everyone’s ideas being valued equally

I look forward to seeing what opportunities arise as I continue to grow with Gartner.

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