Why Jennifer Simpson Chose Gartner’s Recruiting Team

I am Jennifer Simpson, a senior recruiter for our corporate services team at Gartner. I started in our Fort Myers office in August 2017, after relocating from Tampa, Florida. I was working for a large financial services organization at the time and had been promoted twice within three years. I wasn’t actively looking for new employment but when an HR recruiter reached out to me on LinkedIn and shared that Gartner had been on Glassdoor’s list of “50 Best Places to Work,” curiosity got the best of me.

I started the interview process and quickly realized why this company was so notable. The recruiter, hiring managers and potential colleagues I spoke to were all intelligent, articulate and collaborative. The interview process was very involved, meeting several people along the way, but I could appreciate how selective they had to be to hire the best. I took the relocation aspect very seriously since we would be moving away from our families, but ultimately decided it would be a good career move. So when the offer was presented, I couldn’t help but accept!

Did I mention I had a three-month-old baby at the time? Moving houses and jobs with a newborn is not fun. Nevertheless, a big reason I chose to accept the offer was for my son. My biggest complaint about my prior work situation was how old-fashioned the culture and talent acquisition model were. I felt that every time I had to take care of my family I was being a burden on the team. And at work, new ideas were mostly discouraged. After researching Gartner’s culture, I decided it was worth a shot to make the move and determine if this would allow me to better serve my family and my career long term.

I am happy to report that the past 2 years has been everything I hoped for and more. The employee culture here is unmatched, with an office full of vibrant professionals who all seem to enjoy what they do. I have been given opportunities to continue to grow and expand on my skill set, including a recent promotion, which keeps me challenged and engaged at work. My family is also happier than ever. The relocation allowed my husband to become a stay-at-home parent until my baby turned one, and he has since joined the Gartner team as well.

The benefits for new parents, such as the Milk Stork delivery service, access to wellness rooms, free babysitting finder and backup care, schedule flexibility, and the general culture of being surrounded by other working parents have been tremendous. Being in recruitment, it is important for me to feel confident to promote the work environment to potential employees, and with my experience at Gartner, I have been able to easily do so.

To work at Gartner means you are expected to put your best foot forward every day, always striving for something better. In return, we get to work with the best in the industry, have the autonomy to try different things, and make a real contribution to the organization’s bottom line.

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