Kick-Start Your Career On Our Services Team With These 5 Tips For Success


Gartner’s Advanced Analytics team provides our clients with strategic insights to solve some of their toughest challenges across several business functions, including the supply chain, sales, marketing, finance, HR and technology industries. By using statistical techniques, data analysis and quant modeling, the team is about to drive client retention by delivering the best results for our partners. Are you a student or recent graduate interested in exploring career opportunities on our world-class client services organization? Below, Adwait Karanjkar, Manager of Global Strategy & Operations, shares 5 ways you can excel on the team.

Do Your Homework

Don’t be afraid to ask questions – inquisitiveness is a welcome trait. Questions are a great way to learn, spark new ideas and lead to fruitful discussion. It is always a good idea to be well-informed about the industry, the company and, if possible, the team you are joining. A little effort goes a long way in connecting with peers and seniors. While discussing matters related to specific projects, collecting some information on related projects done in the past is a significant step to get started. As a new hire, you can make a real impact, so don’t be afraid to put your ideas and thoughts out there!

Take Ownership

This is one of the biggest differentiators between champions and the rest. Whatever team you join, if you take charge of things, it will be well-appreciated and help you stand out from your peers. When you get assigned a new task or project, be sure you understand what is expected of you as well as any targets, deadlines or due dates. While your manager or buddy is available to help guide you throughout, don’t be afraid to take full ownership of your work.

Communicate Proactively

Having open lines of communication with your manager, team members and relevant stakeholders is the key to success. In addition, reach out to as many people as possible if it would help in effective delivery of your project. Writing emails is a serious job — make sure your language and format (such as indentation and signature) are appropriate. Promptness in responding to messages is always an expectation. Also choose the right tool for communication based on the need. For example, if you just have a quick question, an IM might be more appropriate than setting up a 30-minute meeting on someone’s calendar.

Quality Over Quantity

Often times, associates are assessed on behavioral traits or cultural fit in additional to the impact of their work on the organization. It’s not necessary to show off all of your skill set if the project does not demand it — sometimes the best answers are the simplest ones. Business leaders care much more about the effectiveness of your communication rather than the number of pages in a report or fancy animations in presentations. Add an appendix or hyperlinks when additional information might be relevant. Go for exhaustive documentation if you have worked on creating process maps, but for updates to business leaders, crisp and relevant communication is preferred.

Be Professional

This is an expected trait that is often misunderstood and underestimated. Simple habits such as punctuality (respecting own and others’ time), a firm handshake (communicates confidence and an intent to deliver) and dressing appropriately (formal wear or as the trend in the team) are second nature in professional life. Always be courteous and cordial — remember, your hiring manager and colleagues want to work with nice people!

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