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Moving abroad for a job can be both intimidating and scary; however, once you set foot inside Gartner’s office in the U.K., you leave all worries behind and immerse yourself within our collaborative culture. Having both moved from German-speaking countries to London to kick-start their careers, Gartner’s Majilinda Krasniqi, Florentine Lemli and Cornelia Resienberger share how they’ve been able to share their culture within the local office while learning to adapt to others.

London is a great place to kick-start your international career

I love my home country Germany, but I’ve always dreamt of starting my professional life in a big city like London, where you have the chance to meet people from across the world. Everyone is so open and tolerant and you will be celebrated for being yourself. London is so big that even after two years of living here, I still explore this amazing city. London welcomes people from everywhere and offers something for everyone. I can promise you one thing: You will never get bored of it!

A great learning environment

If you want to learn and develop yourself, then Gartner is the perfect address. As a research and advisory company, Gartner offers you access to more than 160,000 documents, and provides you with different opportunities for training. You will be working with highly skilled people and very bright minds who push each other to become better every day. What I love about Gartner is the mentor program. As soon as I joined Gartner in 2017, I got a mentor who helped me with anything I needed and who ensured that I have a strong start as an associate and whom I can always reach out to for any support. Today, I mentor two associates and I have two mentors myself who are managers in different divisions within Gartner. I meet them on a regular basis, and they give me advice and support me with my individual development.

The job and the people

As an associate in Client Services you get the chance to speak to C-level clients from multinational companies, including CIOs and their teams. The exposure you get is incredible and having the opportunity to help those organizations achieve their organizational goals feels great. Based on your language skills, you will be supporting clients from different countries. As a German, I serve clients in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Gartner does not let you become homesick. If you miss speaking German in the day, you either call your clients or turn around and find the German speakers among your colleagues in the EMEA office.

Share your culture — and learn about others

From Arabic to Swedish, there is literally not a language you will not hear when roaming the floors of Gartner’s U.K. office. With different languages come different cultures and the extent to which you can leverage this diversity at Gartner is unbelievable. You are encouraged to share your own country-specific best practices and learn from others at the same time. Just imagine speaking to your German client about “Digitalisierung” one second, and then turning around to engage your Spanish colleague in a conversation about their local culture. I appreciate being able to use my native language as a powerful asset in my job but equally love switching off German for a couple of hours to embrace the mix of cultures around me.

While Gartner is known for its expertise in technology, we can also be very proud of having a Human Resources department that does such an amazing job in hiring employees that harmonize so well while being so very different at the same time. What all Gartner employees have in common, however, is their drive, modesty and great set of social and professional skills. Once you join Gartner you don’t only become an associate but a highly valued colleague. The people we’ve met here are not just colleagues but really close friends who put a smile on my face every time I enter the office. Working as a Gartner Service Associate makes you realize how the very powerful combination of languages, social skills and competence can get you incredibly far in your professional career abroad!

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