Gartner’s Research Engagement Services Team: Four Must-Have Skills


Being a part of the Gartner Research Engagement Services team gives you the opportunity to provide world-class service while being immersed in and learning about our research. This global team works to interpret clients’ requests and identify the best research and/or Gartner expert to fulfill their most pressing business and technology needs. The department interacts with internal and external clients and builds relationships with many partners. If you have a passion for helping clients and love to learn, this role could be for you.

Below, Emily Patetta, recruiter for this team, shares four must-have skills to be a successful Specialist in this department.

1. Passion for service: In our fast-paced environment, the Specialist team has a goal of providing outstanding customer service by really going above and beyond to assist our clients. They communicate through email or phone in a quick turnaround to connect clients with the appropriate resources to help them. These associates will do anything in their power to problem-solve and react quickly.

2. Intellectual curiosity: The Specialist role is one of learning. The more the team knows about the research, resources and analyst community, the better customer service they will provide. We want to bring in people who have a love of learning, a thirst for knowledge and a curious mind to absorb new information.

3. Strong organizational skills and a sense of urgency: This team works in a transactional, process-oriented manner. Client requests can come in at any time, and it’s up to our Specialists to figure out the best way to organize and prioritize their tasks. They work with firm service-level agreements and goals, so having a natural sense of urgency is vital.

4. Flexibility: Every day is different for this group. Because Gartner is growing, processes and procedures can change occasionally. When we bring in associates who are adaptable and flexible, they can easily learn and pivot to something new. Being on your toes and having a love for problem-solving are extremely useful.

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