3 Tips for Succeeding on Our Growing Sales Team in Barcelona


Are you interested in joining Gartner’s sales team? We are growing in our Barcelona office. Below, Clement Charpail, Business Development Manager, shares the skills that have helped him succeed on the team.


One of the key factors that will ensure your success at Gartner is your ability to self-reflect — to look back on what you have achieved and not doubt what you have not; to identify the key things you can attribute to that success, but also what was missing; and to know what you’ll do the next time you are faced with this situation to ensure you learn from the past.

When I look back at my success in 4Q18, I realize that the preparation for this success came much earlier in the year. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what was not working for me at earlier stages in the sales cycle. This is what made a difference in my ability to progress and close deals.

Be Prepared

You will learn lessons every day at Gartner, you will live outside of your comfort zone, and you will be encouraged to push beyond what you thought was possible for yourself. The two biggest lessons I learned during my time of self-reflection were that I needed to improve the preparation that I did for my sales calls, and that, with the knowledge I had acquired during my preparation, I needed to execute flawlessly. These are the fundamentals of selling. The same goes for your recruitment process. Your recruiter will expect that you have prepared thoroughly for every interview stage, you have done your research on Gartner, you have worked to understand what it takes to be successful, and you have leveraged all the resources available to you in order to achieve the end goal — securing the opportunity.

Communicate Effectively

Based on the feedback I received from my manager, I knew that in order to improve the execution of my deals, I needed to communicate more effectively with my clients. I needed to ensure that the words I chose were impactful and clearly demonstrated how Gartner clients can benefit from a strategic partnership if they use our resources in the right way. This took practice; with the help and support of my manager and my team I began to pick up talk tracks that really resonated with my clients. This ability to embrace feedback and commit to continuous improvement for my own professional development is what has made the difference. Your recruiter will also be looking for evidence of this during the recruitment process. Your ability to communicate in a clear and concise manner and effectively engage with your audience is what will make you stand out from the crowd.

My hard work, focus and resiliency paid off, and I am really proud of the results I have achieved. I was actually quite emotional about my performance because 2018 was a tough year for me and I managed to turn it around. Finishing the year on a high and achieving Winners Circle has given me all the confidence I need to deliver even greater results in 2019.

If you are thinking about joining Gartner, you should know that you will be challenged consistently, so it is your ability to overcome and learn from these challenges that will determine your success. I know that with the support of my leadership team and peers, together we will continue to learn, grow and execute for success!

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