Amanda Garrett is Growing on Gartner’s Digital Markets Team

Meet Amanda Garrett, Marketing Specialist for the Gartner Digital Markets Reviews team, who works in our New York City office. She has been with Gartner for two and a half years and is sharing her growing with Gartner story below.

Starting off as MSE Account Executive

I started my Gartner journey in June 2016 as MSE Account Executive in our Fort Myers, FL, office, after being recruited at the University of Florida. With the technology industry constantly innovating and becoming the forefront of so many business strategies today, I knew pursuing a role at Gartner would be a smart career move that would challenge and surround me with the brightest minds in the industry.

Once I joined the Midsize Enterprise (MSE) team I took advantage of every resource available to me: from listening to Gartner analyst calls to shadowing some of the most successful Eagle achievers. Within months, I saw myself growing faster than I ever could’ve imagined so early in my career — transforming from someone who had very little background in IT to a confident, strategic business partner to C-level clients.

After achieving Winner’s Circle and planning a successful Gartner Executive Programs workshop for one of my new CIO clients, I felt ready to take my career to the next level and go after a lifelong dream: pursuing a digital marketing career in New York City.

Transitioning to the Digital Markets team

In August 2017, I decided to join one of the fastest-growing business units within Gartner: Gartner Digital Markets. It comprises the three leading B2B software search and review websites — Capterra, GetApp and Software Advice — ultimately helping software buyers discover, research and connect with the best software services to fit their needs. These days, people tend to trust their peers more than traditional marketing, so I love the level of honesty that reviews sites provide, not only for the end-user experience but also for showcasing vendors in an authentic light.

My role now focuses on leveraging digital marketing efforts to improve user experience on the digital markets’ world-class reviews platform, with a goal of ensuring we remain the most trusted destination for software reviews. Some of my day-to-day responsibilities include automating marketing campaigns, ensuring efficient operations, analyzing data and creating a go-to-market strategy for one of our new vendor program offerings.

While my role as Marketing Specialist is very different from my role as Account Executive, I attribute a lot of my current success to the training and general mindset I gained from my past work experience. Working in any type of client-facing environment will help you build a foundation for communication skills that you will use throughout your life, which include active listening, building a rapport with anyone and quickly resolving conflict. This is especially relevant to me now, working on a cross-functional team that includes members who come from a variety of technical and non-technical backgrounds. In addition, my experience collaborating with C-level executives has made me much more confident in presenting internally to Gartner VPs and understanding their business objectives.

My advice for growing with Gartner

My biggest advice early in your career is to own your development and never stop learning. Gartner is filled with some of the brightest minds you’ll ever meet, who have expertise from multiple backgrounds — learn from others’ successes and shortcomings, and use this as the motivation for your own growth. Remember, you never have to do all the heavy lifting on your own!

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