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Carla Boggs Shares About Her 16 Years at Gartner

August 12, 2019

On June 23, 2019, Carla Boggs celebrated her 16-year anniversary with Gartner. It all started with a phone call from a recruiter shortly after she graduated from the University of Florida. She studied psychology and business and was looking for work experience before applying to graduate school, and that’s when she found Gartner. What began as a short-term opportunity turned into a fulfilling career.

Career development is an integral part of Gartner culture

Carla began her Gartner career as a Client Partner in Fort Myers. She supported clients on the West Coast, which is what led to her first promotion. A Large-Enterprise Manager in California came to Fort Myers, and Carla asked for a meeting with her. “I told her my goal was to move into field sales. With her support and that of my manager, I had the opportunity to take an Account Executive role in the Bay Area the following year,” Carla says. Since then she has advanced into several different roles supporting end users and vendors in the Large and Global Enterprise groups. In each role, her managers have been invested in her career development. “Managers work with you regularly to understand your career goals and help you create a path to achieve them,” says Carla.

Gartner provides a process and the tools needed to be successful

One of the many reasons Carla has thrived is that she leveraged the processes and tools Gartner provides to associates to achieve their goals. “Gartner studied the activity of our most successful Account Executives and developed a methodology to help all salespeople overachieve,” says Carla. “Gartner also provides world-class training for our employees.” Carla feels confident that everyone is set up for success. “I understand there are proven practices, and I remain committed to following them — because that’s what makes people successful,” she says.

Gartner supports women in the workplace

As a working mom, it is important to Carla to work for a company that supports women. Carla has been especially pleased to see the growth of Gartner’s Lean In Circles and is involved in the local Santa Clara circle, as well as Gartner’s Women in Sales. The mission of Gartner’s Women in Sales is to inspire and empower professional development, to provide a forum for networking and to create an opportunity for sharing winning strategies to drive extraordinary business results. Within this community, Carla has found a place where women can learn and grow together to advance professional development.

For these reasons and more, Carla has enjoyed her time as a Gartner associate. “Gartner has created a wonderful environment in which I have been able to continue to grow and challenge myself while making lifelong friends in my co-workers,” Carla says. “I am looking forward to the next 16 years!”

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