Weaving a Rich Global Community: Gartner Observes Diversity Month

Diversity Awareness Month at Gartner
Throughout August, Gartner observes Diversity Awareness Month – focusing on opening dialogues that foster an appreciation of our differences as well as the similarities that unite us.

Gartner is a multicultural, global business, serving clients in more than 100 countries around the world. Our teams are composed of individuals from different geographies, cultures, ethnicities, religions, races, genders, sexual orientations, abilities and generations.

We’re committed to integrity and operating at the highest ethical standards, which is why we take an enterprise-wide approach to embedding diversity and inclusion into everything we do.

We uphold these commitments by:

  • Fostering an environment that encourages open discussion and ensures people are treated fairly and with respect
  • Providing ongoing unconscious bias training throughout the organization
  • Empowering associates to achieve their full potential by actively removing barriers

“Our purpose is to cultivate a work environment that welcomes and respects people of all backgrounds and ensures there are no obstacles for reaching one’s full potential,” says Rajiv Desai, VP, Diversity & Inclusion.

Our Associates: Diversity and Inclusion Champions

Our associates help with our diversity and inclusion efforts through our employee resource groups (ERGs), which represent and help advance specific identities and traditionally under-represented groups at Gartner. These groups are open to all associates worldwide.

Mosaic at Gartner is dedicated to recruiting and engagement associates who identify as a part of underrepresented racial or cultural groups.

Veterans at Gartner is committed to making Gartner a great place to work for top military talent and their families.

Pride at Garter promotes a positive, inclusive work environment for all associates, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Women at Gartner focuses on contributing to the professional development, impact, retention and attraction of professional women at Gartner.

Our people are at the heart of our success and we all have a role to play in embracing diversity and being more inclusive, to get better, stronger, faster — year after year.

Learn more about diversity, inclusion and engagement at Gartner here.

As Gartner’s global footprint continues to expand, our associates are encouraged to make a positive impact in their local communities. Learn more about our culture, employee resource groups and community engagement efforts here.

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