How a Sales Internship at Gartner Will Set You Up for Future Success


Are you a student or recent graduate interested in joining Gartner’s world-class sales organization? Here at Gartner, we believe that every associate has a hand in our success – and our interns are no exception.

Our summer sales interns get first-hand experience while learning from the best. To prepare for success on the sales floor, our team has developed an extensive intern training program where full-time associates outline our business model, frequently asked client questions and more. Below, two of our summer interns share about their time in training.

Delaney Chambers, Global Technology Sales Intern, Fort Myers

This summer at Gartner, the learning development team revamped the internship program to grant interns equal time on the sales floor and in training where we learned Gartner-specific information and professional development skills.

We spent five weeks on the sales floor and five weeks in training, learning all the things needed to be successful. Our experiences on the floor helped us understand the training material even better by giving us real case-by-case examples to follow. The focus of training was not only on strengthening our knowledge of Gartner but on developing our general business skills as well. Some of the topics we covered this summer include the Gartner sales process, business acumen, effective communication, elevator pitches, client engagement and much more.

Starting from Day 1, there was a huge focus on collaboration, which gave us the opportunity to get to know one another as fast as possible. This instantly created a sense of community among the interns and mimicked the culture that is so evident throughout the rest of the office. Working as a team also allowed us to learn even more within the realm of training as we worked with our peers to uncover solutions to real issues Gartner products can solve.

Blake Silver, Global Technology Sales Intern, Irving

Here at Gartner, interns know they are valued, trusted and selected with more than an internship in mind. This mindset creates a thrilling atmosphere of training, floor experience and growth-oriented feedback. Gartner interns have the unique opportunity to not only be trained and prepared with a full-time offer in mind, but they’re also trusted and given the opportunity to drive value for the company.

As a sales intern at Gartner, we got hands-on experience through our work on the sales floor. Being able to shadow full-time associates gave us the opportunity to ask questions, receive live feedback and put the skills we learned in the training room to the test. I feel trusted by the organization as well, as I am given access to data and tasks that are unique and challenging. This combination of being valued and trusted within the organization has been incredible. I have been able to experience the company in a way few interns get to experience the corporate world.

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