Celebrating National Intern Day at Gartner


Interns play an important role in helping Gartner achieve its mission-critical priorities. In honor of National Intern Day, meet six of our interns, who share what they like about collaborating with associates and why they’d recommend the Gartner internship program. Take a look at what they say about their experiences at Gartner thus far.

“I decided to intern with Gartner because I was ready for a new challenge. Coming from the nation’s leading sales program into this internship, I was ecstatic to apply everything I learned during my past semester and get to work. Little did I know that Gartner would supply me with a plethora of information, support and insight during this 10-week period to ensure my success. Learning about all that Gartner has to offer, how to prepare for client interaction, and understanding that being uncomfortable is the key to growth has been an invaluable experience. Gartner has given me confidence as a sales person and has made it very clear that this is the career path for me. This was a summer well spent!” — Brianna TenBrink, AMSE Operations Intern, Irving

“For being in such a large and rapidly expanding organization, my experience at Gartner has been exceptionally welcoming and focused. I was immersed in my team immediately and assigned projects that not only felt important, but allowed me room to make mistakes and find areas to add my own sources of value. Every day I’m awarded opportunities for personal and professional growth. My role specifically has given me a unique perspective on the talent acquisition challenges that come with rapid growth. This growth and Gartner’s overall forward-thinking mindset is extremely appealing as a soon-to-be graduate, and I’ve never felt like supplementary, temporary support, but rather a valuable member of the team.” — Jake Newschaffer, Recruiting Strategy and Analytics Intern, Stamford

“In the few short weeks that I have worked in Recruiting Programs, I have seen firsthand that the root of an organization’s success lies in the type of people it employs. Staffing a team with an aligned growth mindset, a similar appetite for curiosity and a mutual respect for one another’s potential is what facilitates Gartner’s vast research and advisory capabilities. Throughout the rest of the summer here in Stamford, I look forward to being challenged to innovate, to ask questions, to build relationships and to continue to be part of such a transformative team.” — Kayla Waterman, Recruiting Programs Intern, Stamford

“Since I arrived at Gartner, I’ve been blown away by the experience. Immediately I was drawn to the passionate and collaborative culture that flows from every associate. Each day, I’m pushed out of my comfort zone, which has allowed me to find unknown opportunities for professional development, as well as home in on specific strengths that I can utilize. As an intern, it can be difficult to find where your role fits within your team. However, every team member has gone out of their way to teach me something and work with me to ensure I am providing some real value with the work I am doing.” — Luke Elder, Business Development Intern, Dallas

“Before Gartner, I wrote academically and creatively. In my Research Specialist internship, I write for C-suite executives. I love this chance to improve my writing skills in a curious, collaborative environment. While writing for any new audience is informative, this one is particularly educational: With so many demands on clients’ time, every word of each report counts. To convey complex arguments simply, concisely and compellingly is a skill invaluable to any field and one I am thrilled to learn. Beyond writing specifically, I appreciate the internship’s combined business and academic focus. Whether crafting an argument for internal talent mobility or determining Singaporean labor market trends, my core job is to learn and to share those lessons. What could be better?” — Sarah Lehan, Research Specialist Intern, Arlington 

“Gartner has been a highly collaborative, friendly and supportive place to work. As a product management intern, it’s been very engaging to learn how a 15,000+ employee global company manages and evolves its extensive portfolio while sustaining double-digit growth quarter-after-quarter. Even more impressive is that Gartner still maintains a great work-life balance. On the work side, I get to take meaningful ownership on multiple projects, learn new tools and methods consistently, present to VPs, and be involved with and initiate conversations across branches and across locations. However, I still enjoy a significant amount of time with friends, activities and in getting to know my wonderful coworkers. Here, I feel valued both as an associate and as a person.” — Kevin Le, Product Management Intern, Stamford

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