My Gartner Internship: Discover Our Fort Myers and Arlington Offices


At Gartner, our two-month internship program offers students and recent graduates the opportunity to explore the business world, develop their professional skills and experience how Gartner drives value to our clients through practical, hands-on experience. Interested in learning more about what life at Gartner is like?

Below, Lily DeNoma and Sarah Lehan share about their internship experiences in our Fort Myers and Arlington offices.

Lily DeNoma, GTS Sales Intern, Fort Myers 

As a Global Technology Sales intern, being fully immersed in Gartner’s Fort Myers office has showed me the amount of opportunity for growth available to employees, how much knowledge you can gain and the amazing relationships that can be formed with people in the company. To simplify, I’ve outlined the three best parts about interning in Fort Myers.

  1. The people — The interns, trainers, managers, full-time employees, and more

Before working for Gartner, I always heard about how great the culture was because of the trait-based hiring system. This means that as opposed to hiring solely on experience, Gartner judges candidates based on how well they exhibit certain traits. As a result, Gartner has created a collaborative, supportive and competitive environment to learn and work in.

  1. The location — From the newly built office to the multitude of beaches

The Fort Myers office location is split between the North and South campus. Being on the South campus, we sit in a newly built building with an amazing cafeteria, collaborative working areas, and even ping pong and pool tables. The working space makes it easy to be productive, while also allowing us to enjoy the eight-hour workdays. Along with the office, Fort Myers is minutes away from beautiful beaches, a lively downtown and multiple state parks.

  1. The opportunities — possible ways to grow personally and professionally within a single summer

As soon as you start your first day as a Gartner intern, it’s clear that this is a company focused on rapid growth for its employees. During our training, the managers keep us captivated and engaged by showing us the high-level ways that Gartner operates. When working on the sales floor, we’re able to gain a deeper knowledge of technological trends and learn how to communicate with C-level clients.

Sarah Lehan, Human Resources Intern, Arlington

Less than a half mile from the Potomac River, just over the bridge from the stately townhomes and bustling storefronts of Georgetown, the Gartner Arlington office is ideally situated for a summer of personal and professional growth. Below are a few reasons I am loving my time interning in the office!

  1. The location — A state-of-the art building in close proximity to Washington D.C.

Built in 2017, the Arlington building is visible for miles along the Potomac. The U.S. Capitol, monuments, the National Cathedral, Watergate Hotel — all are visible from its 20th-floor cafeteria. With wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling windows, open space overflows with natural light, and coffee machines on each floor and frozen yogurt in the cafeteria mean caffeine and sugar are never too distant, if desired. My favorite perk is the basement gym, where state-of-the-art equipment and showers supplied with soap, shampoo and conditioner make it easier to exercise before work or during lunch as well as in the evenings.

  1. The local atmosphere — Endless restaurant options, outdoor activities and more

Rosslyn, the Arlington office’s neighborhood, is filled with food trucks, coffee shops and the fast-casual restaurants for which D.C. is known. Mediterranean or poke bowls, made-to-order salads and locally famous Bethesda bagels all operate on nearby streets, as does a farmer’s market on Wednesday afternoons. Food, music and conversation play a regular role in Gartner’s neighborhood as they do in D.C. itself. Free museums, Mall music festivals, bar happy hours and trivia nights — from education to entertainment, D.C. offers more than can be done in 10 weeks.

  1. The corporate culture — Friendly faces no matter where you turn

Of course, the heart of any place is its people. From my first day, I have been struck by the friendliness of Gartner people. Whether chatting over coffee or helping me navigate the 10th-floor lockers, my colleagues have gone out of their way to make my internship the best it can be.

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