Harsha Jha’s Top 3 Reasons to Intern at Gartner

Meet Harsha Jha, a soon-to-be senior at The George Washington University, who joined Gartner as a Research intern on our Marketing & Communications team this summer. Below, she is sharing her top three reasons for choosing to kick-start her career in Gartner’s Arlington office.  

As someone who is always looking for an opportunity that would push my development, I knew I had to choose Gartner. Having heard from my sister about her experiences at Gartner, I took the chance. My name is Harsha Jha, and I am a rising senior at The George Washington University working as a research intern on Gartner’s Customer Experience team. Like all soon-to-be graduates, I knew my summer internship had to be something worthwhile. The endless possibilities made me nervous, but after four weeks at Gartner, I know I made the right decision.

1. It challenges students to embrace their potential. I have always been a person who wanted to reach my full potential in the now. Often, students are told they are the potential of tomorrow, but Gartner allowed me to enable my potential from day one. I have been able to meet with senior leaders, learn research methodologies and put them to use in less than a week!

2. It is a diverse and inclusive place to work. From my first interaction with Gartner, I met people of all different backgrounds. I also learned that Gartner has multiple employee resource groups (ERGs) like Mosaic at Gartner, Pride at Gartner, Women at Gartner and Veterans at Gartner. They are not only creating an inclusive space for everyone, but constantly working to improve overall diversity and inclusion for the company.

3. It is a curious place. Curiosity shines in everyone at Gartner. During every meeting and interaction, people are constantly thinking outside the box and asking the tough questions. Not only in our research, but in our own professional development, everyone is inquisitive about what could be next. One thing that sticks out at Gartner is that the energy and curiosity you bring to the company will replicate in opportunities for you in the future.

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