Mikael Park Shares Why He Joined Gartner’s Sales Team in Seoul

Are you interested in joining the Gartner team and unlocking limitless career opportunities? We are growing in Seoul, Korea. Mikael Park, Account Executive, shares the story of why he joined Gartner and what he loves most about working on the sales team.

My name is Mikael Park, and I am an Account Executive on Gartner’s sales team in Seoul, Korea. From a young age, I loved to talk. I loved meeting new people and getting to know them. It seemed like sales was a perfect fit.

Why Gartner?

After a 10-year career working for other large companies, I decided it was time for a change. I was familiar with the Gartner name and knew that joining the company would help me to work harder and smarter. I wanted a workplace that supported continuous improvement and professional development. I was looking for a career where I could make a visible impact for my clients. I wanted to make sure I loved my job and felt supported by my team. Gartner checked all of the boxes.

Gartner’s sales team

What makes Gartner’s sales team unique? The extensive training process and client-first approach to sales. We do not focus on pushing products on our clients, but instead put the needs of our clients first. We make sure to take a step back and ask ourselves: “What can I do to contribute to my client’s success?” It is with this approach that we embody our culture of continuous improvement and doing the right things.

Tips for sales success

To succeed in a sales role at Gartner, you need to be willing to take the extra step and think outside the box. Self-reflection and continuous improvement are key, as you will face new challenges each and every day. It takes more than having a passion for people; you need to have the ability to empathize, recognize a client’s emotions, prioritize their needs and be prepared to make difficult decisions. It is imperative for you to ask yourself: “How can I help my clients win and improve?”

So what are you waiting for? Take the next step in accelerating your career. Join Gartner’s growing sales team today.

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