Kick-Start Your Career on the Growing Gartner Invest Team

Why Gartner

Are you looking for a new career opportunity where you will have the chance to make an impact? A job that will give you exposure to senior leaders at some of the world’s largest investment, hedge fund and private equity firms? At Gartner, our associates equip investment leaders with insights, advice and tools to achieve their goals and build successful portfolios for the future. Are you interested in kick-starting your career? Take an exclusive look inside Gartner’s Invest Program.

Get to know the team

The Gartner Invest Team is a part of our growing Product & Services organization, operating across 87 countries to serve over 7,000 business and government agency clients. This team is responsible for ensuring that our clients have access to the insights and expertise needed to fuel their overall investment strategies and execute on technology market opportunities. How do we do this? Our Invest Program Engagement Managers are Gartner resource experts who proactively work with senior investment leaders to align Gartner resources, such as market share and technology trends reports, to get our clients the answers that they need to help them make strategic investment decisions.

“With billions of dollars at stake, our Invest clients look to Gartner’s unbiased advice to help them grow their portfolios and protect their clients’ assets in technology markets,” says Nate Chapman, Manager, Invest Services, in Fort Myers, FL.

Why work on the Invest team at Gartner?

When you join the Invest team, you will work with clients to help understand their investment strategies and build proactive engagement plans to help them succeed. Through up markets and down markets, you will support our clients by helping them leverage the full power of Gartner to help fuel their investment decisions.

Are you interested in joining our Invest team? Below, Nate outlines several key traits that we look for when evaluating new candidates for our expanding organization.

Agility: Many of our clients make important decisions daily that affect them and their clients. We need individuals who can quickly solve problems, contextualize clients’ needs and align those clients to the right Gartner resources in a timely manner.

Strong ability to communicate: You will be directly responsible for communicating daily with many senior-level clients from investment firms around the world. Because our main objective is help our clients make sound decisions, your ability to ask strong questions, along with being able to clearly articulate how Gartner can help, will be paramount.

No-limits mindset: In any role, especially client-facing roles, you will experience challenges. We are looking for candidates who tackle issues head-on, never give up and believe that they can make improvements to our business every day to better serve our clients.

Are you interested in joining the Invest team here at Gartner? Search for an available position here.

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