My First Week as a Gartner Intern

When you join the Gartner team as a part of our two-month internship program, you’ll be given the opportunity to explore the business world, develop new skills and get hands-on experience with real-world situations. We offer students internship in sales, client services, finance, research and more. Interested in joining the team?

Below, Kate Sundie and Jenna Brady share about their first week at Gartner.

Kate Sundie, ASME Operations Intern, Dallas

I walked into a room of over 100 eager faces making small talk. Everyone exchanged the basics — where we’re from, when we got here, etc., as we attempt to get to know the people who will be a huge part of our lives for the next 10 weeks. Having only arrived in Dallas the evening before, I was in a brand-new city where I didn’t know anyone. I honestly had no idea what to expect from the internship or the people in it.

A few awkward ice-breakers later, the group quickly evolved to form a team-oriented environment focused on getting to know each other. Though we were all from different places and had very different life experiences, we were enthusiastic about the opportunity Gartner offered to us.

After getting to know my fellow interns, my next objective was feeling out Gartner as an organization. And I was not disappointed. I haven’t worked in a corporate environment before, but I knew from my years in retail that having a good company culture was very important to me. From the first day, it was abundantly clear that Gartner was invested in us and wanted us to grow professionally.

I left the office on Friday feeling excited for my next week of training and eager to get on the sales floor, content with the friends I had made so far and happy that I had the opportunity to work for a company that cared.

Jenna Brady, Campus Recruiting Intern, Fort Myers

As I prepare to enter my final year at High Point University, my goal for this summer was to attain an internship that would not only give me hands-on involvement and optimal exposure, but an unforgettable experience to jump-start my professional career. This summer, I am beyond fortunate to have the opportunity to be Gartner’s first summer Talent Acquisition Intern in Fort Myers, Florida.

Being the first one to dive into this summer role, I entered eager and excited, yet a little nervous to take on this challenge. On my first day I was greeted by my manager, Clair Gumpert, to get the ball rolling. My daily tasks consist of a wide variety of activities, giving me confidence and exposure in every department Gartner offers. This week, I was exposed to Gartner’s recruitment process, discussing the ideal candidate and how to recruit for certain roles, as each one has different requirements. I was given access to LinkedIn Recruiter to properly source and seek out the best potential talent for openings at Gartner.

I was pleasantly surprised, and put at ease, when every individual that I crossed paths with greeted me with a smile and made an effort to introduce themselves. These warm welcomes and words of encouragement have helped me gain confidence and validation that I can carry out the requirements for this role to my fullest potential. I am looking forward to the experiences to come in the next weeks.

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