Gartner Partners with University Professionals for Career Services Day


Written By: Tess Griffin

Recently, Gartner’s Campus Recruiting team hosted 22 university career services professionals for our first-ever Career Services Day in our Stamford, CT headquarters.

Representing regions across North America, the group included both undergraduate and M.B.A. university professionals. More than 50 Gartner leaders and associates from business units including Consulting, Products and Services, HR, Recruiting and marketing attended. The event included networking opportunities, roundtable discussions, associate panels and a hands-on experience to learn about the Gartner culture from Gartner leadership.

Attendees had the opportunity to learn about Gartner’s career opportunities so that they can continue to help post-graduate students continue their path with a reputable, supportive and growing organization.

Gartner’s Ken Davis, Executive Vice President of Products and Services, was the keynote speaker for the event. He started the day off strong by giving an overview of Gartner and creating excitement for working here. Ernie Bourassa, GVP of Product Management and Growth Programs, spoke about the Business Rotational Development program at Gartner. Ted Dezvane, Senior Vice President of North America Consulting, spoke about the Consulting program at Gartner, which is geared toward M.B.A. graduates.

The event also included many Q&A panels, where the career services professionals engaged the Gartner leadership team about what it is like to work at Gartner. The panelists were from departments in HR, Business Rotational Development and Consulting, as well as Recruiting and Professional Development. This also helped career services professionals learn about the hiring process at Gartner — useful information to bring back to their universities.

Many career services professionals were pleased to meet and interact with our executive team and thought it was a great opportunity. Patti Urbina, Associate Director, Mays Graduate Career Management Center, Texas A&M University, said, “I have been to many events like this one put on by other sponsoring companies and this by far was the best experience I have ever had. I was blown away by the number of senior leaders who participated throughout the day, and it really showed me the level of commitment Gartner has in hiring our students.”

Not only did the attendees have positive things to say about the event, but Gartner leaders were also pleased with the take-aways from the day. Ernie Bourassa said, “The feedback I received from the participants was great, as were the learnings that I took away from the day. Hopefully we are able to partner with these schools to have the best and brightest minds join our rotational program!”

As Gartner continues to grow, we place value on our relationships with university professionals from across the globe. Are you a student or recent graduate interested in our early career opportunities? There has never been a better time to join us!

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