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3 Reasons Abigail Mann Chose to Work at Gartner After Interning

July 05, 2019

I have been working for Gartner a little over ten months now — a little over a year if you count the internship I completed during the summer of 2017. It’s crazy to think I landed an internship with such a prestigious company let alone was given the opportunity to work full time after graduating! I am now a Client Engagement Specialist (CES), based in Arlington, VA. Although there are so many perks working here, three stand out to me the most. They are the culture, professional development opportunities and work-life balance


From the beginning of my internship to my time here full time, I’ve enjoyed the camaraderie among team members. I truly believe we all want the best for one another, and this becomes clear in our willingness to help. Whether it’s proofreading an email for someone or sharing our own best practices openly with the hope someone else can successfully apply them, you know your coworkers have Gartner’s best interests in mind, not just their own. This culture is not something that can easily be replicated, and I am proud to work somewhere that has spent such a long time cultivating it. Ask any of those who came back to Gartner full time after an internship and I guarantee they’ll cite the culture as a big factor in making their decision!

Professional development opportunities

The opportunities to further yourself professionally are endless at Gartner. These opportunities come in the form of candid conversations with my manager about what I can work on, formal learning opportunities and the environment. An inevitable part of growing is making the occasional mistake, and I know that when this happens, I can learn from it and talk through it with my manager. The people who surround me help me grow professionally, particularly those in roles I someday would like to be in myself. Gartner allows you to work closely with people of so many different backgrounds, further contributing to your professional development.

Specifically, Gartner is always finding new ways to assist with professional development. On the service side, it is launching an enhanced coaching program which will help make all our client calls better and further drive retention. This will help with looking at what can be improved as well as celebrating ways in which we have already improved. I am excited to get started on this program!

Work-life balance

If you talk to those on my team, they know I love playing racquetball. I play in tournaments about once a month during weekends and practice after work on weeknights. I can do this because Gartner values work-life balance. Not to mention, the great benefit of IncentFit helps me finance playing this sport. I’m able to pursue my passion and, instead of taking away from work, it adds to it! Doing what I love energizes me and that energy spills into my work with clients. I know that I have the time to live life both in and out of work.

I’ll never forget a moment during my internship that really solidified Gartner’s work-life balance. I came into work one morning having just found out my brother’s wife had given birth to my second niece. I excitedly told my manager, Elyse, and she promptly told me to go meet the new addition to the family! This gesture meant a lot to me, especially since I was an intern hoping to get a full time offer and thinking being at work was what was needed in that moment.

In all, there are way more than three reasons Gartner is a great place to work! While writing this, I am reminded of how grateful I am to be given the opportunity to work here and I can’t wait to see how I continue to grow with Gartner.

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