Fast Track Your Career Success on Gartner’s Sales Team

Meet Drew Bailey, a Business Development Manager, who works in our Fort Myers, Florida office. After spending six years as a Captain in the U.S. Army, he joined Gartner’s growing sales team. As his year anniversary fast approaches, Drew is sharing about his career growth and why he chose to join the Gartner team after his military service. 

After graduating from West Point in New York, I spent six years as a military officer living in various cities along the East Coast. Transitioning from military officer to civilian proved more challenging than I had anticipated. After over a year of internal reflection, advice from friends/family/mentors, and six months riding the job search roller coaster, I could not imagine a better place to have landed. Joining the Gartner team is a dream come true, as it has fulfilled my requirements both personally and professionally.

For me, the strongest draw to Gartner is the people. I am consistently impressed by the attitude, abilities and achievements of my co-workers. Both peers and leaders push you to excel on a daily basis. As you face challenges and struggle through adversity to surpass your goals, a teammate’s helping hand is never far away and often offered without request. An undeniable sense of camaraderie lingers about campus as the Gartner team drives toward a common goal.

I’d be remiss if I failed to highlight the investment this company makes in its employees. Aside from generous benefits, competitive compensation and unmatched work-life balance, Gartner provides the resources required to be successful. Like any top-tier organization, Gartner strives for excellence in every function. Unlike others, however, Gartner truly equips you with the tools and guidance to actually achieve excellence. You are expected to perform. You are placed in an environment to do so. And ultimately, you are rewarded for the results.

The biggest reward here is opportunity. Whether it’s in the form of professional development or trajectory, there is certainly no shortage at Gartner. You can feel the genuine concern and support for your professional path. Luckily, as this company pioneers new programs, promotes internal growth and expands its presence across the globe, your path is limitless.

In my current role, I’m afforded the opportunity to learn about so many diverse client organizations. On top of that, I’m able to access and adopt data-supported best practices formed by decades of experience. As a young professional setting the foundation for my career, I feel there is no better place to put me on the track towards success. For all of these reasons and many more, I am both proud and thankful to be a member of the Gartner team.

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