Bharati Roy’s Top 3 Reasons to Join Gartner

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My name is Bharati Roy and I’m a recruiter in Gartner’s Gurgaon office. As a people person, I’ve enjoyed spending several years in the recruiting world, helping to connect great talent within the industry. There is nothing greater than finding opportunities for smart people to do awesome things, and it’s a fantastic process that I feel lucky to be part of.

When I decided to move from Bangalore to Delhi and join Gartner, I never realized how wonderful a decision I had made in joining one of the most lively and amazing groups. Our recruitment team is helping to build a world-class organization by connecting with top talent and helping them find roles at Gartner where they will excel and grow. Below are a few reasons why Gartner is a great company to join:

1. Make an impact with your work: At Gartner, each associate has the chance to make a visible impact with their work. Gartner is a company that truly invests in its people, because our associates are the key to our sustained success.

2. Collaborative environment: Here, it’s all about being in a highly collaborative environment; you will develop a strong champion mindset, gain problem-solving abilities and learn to be agile. At Gartner, we believe that success is achieved together, therefore mentorship, training and creating a supportive team environment are key to personal and professional development. Mentors give honest feedback and provide direction in a genuine way. We give our time to you and help others as often as possible.

3. Continuous learning: At Gartner, you can think outside the box, continually self-improve, and take control of your own professional development because our associates never stop learning. We are encouraged to share new ideas, think creatively and challenge the status quo to better ourselves, our teams and the organization.

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