3 Reasons Laura Zwerling Loves Her Job on Gartner’s Research & Advisory Team


When you join Gartner’s Research & Advisory team in one of our global offices, you unlock endless possibilities for your career. Whether you are looking to develop and deliver insights or provide one-on-one guidance to help your clients achieve their mission critical priorities, our Research Engagement Services (RES) team will give you the opportunity to work with and learn from the best. Below, Laura Zwerling shares the three reasons she loves life at Gartner as a Specialist on our Research Engagement Services team

After graduating from college in May 2018, I moved across the country to sunny Fort Myers, FL, to start my career at Gartner. I’m aligned to the IT Sourcing, Procurement & Vendor Management team within Research Engagement Services (RES). As part of the inquiry wing of Research Engagement Services, my teammates and I find research and experts to speak to our clients’ most pressing needs. After nearly six months at Gartner, here are a few reasons I love what I do:

1. Collaboration

As a specialist in Research Engagement Services, you do more than just sit behind a computer. Our RES teams work closely together to learn about Gartner research, problem solve challenging requests and find innovative ways to become more efficient in our work. Beyond our individual teams, each day we work with our colleagues in the Sales and Service organizations to ensure our clients access research documents and speak with experts to help clients with their most pressing business challenges. Each step of the way, we ensure our experts have the information they need to be set up for successful calls that provide value to our clients.

2. Constant learning

While your training technically lasts your first two weeks on the job, in reality, it’s never over. Specialists must stay on top of new developments in their content area to provide the best service to our clients. When I first started, the amount of content I needed to absorb was incredibly daunting. However, everyone is committed to helping you learn. The open communication and immediate feedback my team offered was instrumental in my growth. I feel I’ve been able to hit the ground running — in no small part because of the excellent training I’ve received from Day 1.

3. New challenges

There’s no such thing as a dull day in Research Engagement Services. Each request is different from the next. The more demanding requests definitely require problem-solving skills and time spent hunting through Gartner resources. But there’s nothing more rewarding than finding a perfect piece of research or aligning just the right expert to assist clients with their mission-critical priorities.

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