Gartner’s Australian Offices Celebrate Pride Month

With over 15,00 associates in over 38 countries across the globe, our global community continues to expand. Throughout the month of February, our offices in Australia held several events to celebrate the lead up to Sydney’s Mardi Gras, a pivotal event that helped to change how the LGBTQI community are treated in Australia.

Pride at Gartner is one of several employee resource groups, specifically focused on promoting a positive and inclusive work environment for all associates, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. The local Pride at Gartner group hosted several events in the office to educate and raise awareness on issues within the LGBTQI community, while promoting a safe and inclusive workplace for current and future LGBTQI associates.

The goal of these events was not only for associates to learn from, but also actively participate in networking events, information sessions and mentorship opportunities for LGBTQI professionals. Let’s take a look at how our local Australian offices got involved during Pride Month.

Movie Night – Origins of Mardi Gras

Associates in Gartner’s Sydney office attended a movie night. Riot, an ABC film, is inspired by real-life events during Australia’s Gay Rights Movement in the 1970’s. The movie shone a spotlight on the origins of Sydney’s first Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras and was a moving portrayal of the lengths those who conceived the idea went to, to change attitudes and laws.

Lunch & Learn – Transgender Issues

Kimberly Olsen, CEO of Trans Employment Program Australia, join the Gartner team for a Lunch and Learn session. Trans Employment is an organization working to improve recruitment opportunities for transgender people and Kimberly spoke about her own personal experiences as a member of the community, as well as how we can all work towards eliminating biases in the workplace

Speaking Engagement – HIV Awareness

In our Sydney office, associates were invited to attend an informational speaking session with Positive Life NSW, a non-profit organization working to end the stigma associated with people living with HIV and put an end to all prejudice, isolation and discrimination associated with it. Guest speaker Freddy Cole openly shared his own story about living with the disease and was able to answer questions from the group, helping to educate and dispel stigmas surrounding HIV.

Mentorship Opportunity – Out for Australia Mentorship

Members of the Gartner team were joined by Out for Australia, an organization that aims to provide visible role models and mentors to aspiring LGBTQI professionals while building a sense of community. Associates spoke with Harriet Whyte from Out for Australia about how the mentorship programs works, and how easy it is to get involved in supporting LGBTQI youth in the community.

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