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Working with and Learning from the Best: Sarah Erikkson Shares Her Gartner Story

June 12, 2019

When I was asked to write a blog post regarding my career at Gartner, I was immediately excited by the idea. I really love working at Gartner and I’m based at our office in Stockholm, Sweden. If you are considering a career at Gartner, let me start by saying there is no other workplace that compares to Gartner.

I was actually not at all looking for a new job or career opportunity. I was happy with my job at a global executive network firm, responsible for peer groups of C-levels and directors in operations. I had great colleagues and a great boss. In my role, I got to understand how important it is for executives at global enterprises and large companies to get unbiased support, and also how lonely they can feel in their role. It was a great joy to connect these executives with one another, and to see how much value they got from their participation in these peer groups.

The only thing that was a little frustrating for me was that I did not feel like I was being challenged enough with new tasks in my role. During this time, I also had two close colleagues join Gartner, including one who had referred me and who was the reason that I got that first connection from the recruiter at LinkedIn. I felt curious about Gartner, so I decided to come for a first interview. My mindset was that I wanted to determine if Gartner was a company for me and also to be very honest about myself, my values and how important a healthy work-life balance is for me, so that Gartner could determine if I was a right fit.

Three interviews and a panel interview later, I was offered the job of account executive (AE). It’s a serious process before you are hired, and that’s also something that convinced me that Gartner was a company for me, as our recruiting team makes sure that you are the right fit for Gartner, and it’s the right fit for you.

There was one thing that stuck with me through this whole interview process, and that was at my second interview with vice president of sales in Sweden. He said to me: “Only the best work here, and we will always challenge you to be your best and support you all the way to get there.” That was when I knew I really wanted to join Gartner — I wanted to work with the best and learn from the best. And it was the thing that I was missing at my current job at the time: being challenged.

When you join Gartner as a sales associate, there’s a five-week training period, something that I think is unique to Gartner. I haven’t been at any other company where they really invest in making sure that as a new employee you get the best possible prerequisites when you start, so you can really hit the ground running. The people that I met during this training period from all around the world are still a very important network for me. We share advice, cheer each other on, and see each other from time to time at functions around the world.

Life at Gartner means that you learn new things every single day, you get to work with the best, as promised, and you also get to develop your skills and be coached to grow.

At our yearly sales kickoff in Sweden, new hires have been asked to share their experience of being new to the team. Last year I was one of three others that got to present and describe how it had felt to be new. This year, it was a new group of AEs who stood there. And what did we all say then? Unanimously, we all felt that we had been so warmly welcomed, had gotten tough but great training at Gartner Sales Academy, and that there’s always help and support from not only managers, but also team members, our VP, and all of the sales delivery teams at Gartner.

Everything at Gartner is a team sport and everyone wants the best for the “new kid.” To help someone else succeed feels as great as when you do it yourself — that’s the mindset of everyone at Gartner, and the reason why I’m so happy that I got the opportunity to join.

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