Gartner’s Fort Myers Associates Give Back To Their Local Community

Recently, a team of Client Partners from Gartner’s Fort Myers office were looking for ways to give back to their local community. Michelle Accola, a Client Partner, contacted Community Cooperative, an organization focused on eliminating hunger and homelessness in Lee County, Florida. The volunteer director informed the team that the organization would be happy to have help in their local facility. Below, a few team members share about their experience.

Michelle Accola, Client Partner

“To say that it was fulfilling would be an understatement. I know the intent was for us to help others in need in our community, but I came out feeling like I was the one who was helped. To be able to see the smile on the people’s faces who are less fortunate was a strong reminder of what is truly important in life — and that is our health, well-being of those we love, and being able to wake up each day and see the sun rise. To be part of such a great organization giving back to our community, even for one day, has left a lasting impact on my soul. I thank them for allowing us to participate!”

Patricia Camurugy, Client Partner

“One of the reasons I chose to work at Gartner was the support the company gives for volunteer work. I intended to donate my time to help others, but I received much more in return. With each look of appreciation and with each smile, it made me feel very blessed. I would like to express my gratitude for the opportunity to participate in this wonderful volunteer event and to be a part of a joyful team that makes the difference.”

Robert Lee Culpepper III, Client Partner

“Giving back is an area that I am extremely passionate about. The team helped out in any way we could, and it was refreshing to see team members doing whatever they could to make the day go smoothly. We washed carts, walls and countertops; organized and cleaned pantries; served food and water; unloaded moving trucks with canned goods and other foods; and provided translation services. I didn’t think I could admire the individuals I work with any more than I already did, but seeing everyone come together for such a cause was amazing!”

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