Nate Berman’s Top 5 Reasons to Relocate to Fort Myers

Are you interested in joining the Gartner team in our Fort Myers office? Below, Nate Berman, a Research Engagement Services Specialist, shares the top five reasons he made the move to The Sunshine State.

Going into the job search during my senior year of college, I had never thought that I would be working in Fort Myers, Florida. I’m from Newton, Massachusetts, a suburb about 15 minutes outside of Boston, and went to school at Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Most of my family is located in the Boston area, and my friends are concentrated in the Northeast as well. Fort Myers was a place where I knew nobody and had no real connections to. So how did I end up here?

What drew me to Gartner in Fort Myers was the Research Content Specialist position. It is a perfect opportunity that combines working with clients, learning and researching. It checked off all of the boxes I was looking for in my first job out of school. There was only one thing giving me a second thought: the location. I was worried about finding my first apartment, getting a car, and all the other “real world” responsibilities that come after graduation. Would I be able to find people with similar interests, would there be things for me to do on weekends, and what would it be like living in a place I knew nothing about? I put my fears aside, accepted the offer, and started planning for my next step in life.

As I became more comfortable in my new home and making friends in and out of work, I started to explore the Fort Myers area a bit more. I walked around downtown Fort Myers and stopped in the restaurants and shops there, explored the beauty of Sanibel Island, and visited a few of the craft breweries that are in the area. Now that I’m settled in Fort Myers, it definitely feels like the right choice. Fort Myers is a great city, and I encourage anyone thinking about making the move for Gartner to do so! Check out my “top 5 reasons to relocate” below:

  1. The weather! It really is endless summer down by the Gulf. It’s sunny every day, and it feels pretty good to be on the beach in January while your friends and family are shoveling snow.
  2. The food! While most people may not think of Fort Myers as a food mecca, there are definitely some great spots! Fancy’s Southern Café has great brunch (you have to try the chicken and waffles), Taqueria San Julian has amazing Mexican food, and Smoke’n Pit is the spot for some mouthwatering pulled pork. The local breweries also host food trucks every night of the week!
  3. The sports! The Red Sox and Everblades are the main professional attractions in town, but there is something for everyone. Gartner has intramural sports leagues, and there are even more organized by other Fort Myers residents too. You won’t have to look hard to find a golf partner, either.
  4. The location! While Fort Myers is a great place to be, it’s nice to be close to other major cities as well. It’s very easy to get to Miami or Tampa for a weekend away.
  5. The people! Everyone down here has been a huge help in my transition. My co-workers at Gartner have given me recommendations on things to do and places to visit. The locals are very friendly as well.

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