Why I Relocated To Fort Myers: Bill Martin Shares His Story

Are you interested in joining the Gartner team and curious about what life is like in the Sunshine State? Below, Bill Martin, a Recruiting Team Lead, shares about his experience relocating from Connecticut to Florida and how he has been able to grow his career with Gartner.

Just over two years ago, I made a decision that most of my family and friends thought was crazy: Pack up my whole life in Connecticut and move to Fort Myers, Florida, for Gartner. I knew I was making the right decision for my career and my family, but everyone else seemed very confused. Gartner’s headquarters is right there in Connecticut, so why move all the way to Florida? The obvious answer would be the beaches and warm weather, which certainly played a role in the decision. However, after doing more research, I quickly found there were many more benefits than just the nice weather and palm trees.

Cost of living.

Coming from Connecticut, I knew the cost of living was going to be much lower in Fort Myers. It didn’t hit me until I moved there just how different it was. I am now renting a 1,600-square-foot, two-bedroom, two-bathroom house for what I was paying for a one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment in Connecticut. Being in recruiting, we often use a website called NerdWallet to compare the cost of living in different geographic areas. When I plugged in the difference between Stamford and Fort Myers, I found that Fort Myers actually has a 59% lower cost of living! That means more money in your pocket to go out and enjoy yourself.

Surrounded by hungry professionals.

The associates in our Fort Myers campus are about 85% relocations from all over the country. That means the people you are working beside made the same decision to take a calculated risk for the betterment of their careers. The drive and determination of the Gartner team down here are contagious. I know that was one of the biggest reasons I made the move. Also, with so many people relocating, everyone is in the same boat as far as meeting new people, which makes it much easier. I can honestly say my teammates are my best friends down here.

Fort Myers is a great blend of small town and big city.

Coming from a very small town in Connecticut, the thought of moving to a major metro was a bit daunting. I mean, my graduating high school class was 109 students! Fort Myers gave me the best of both worlds. While it does have many of the amenities of a large city (growing downtown with great nightlife, outlet malls, sports arenas, etc.), it still has a bit of that smaller-town feel. There are many residential communities for young families. Plus, if the glitz and glam of a big city is what you want, Tampa, Miami and Disney World are all within a three-hour drive.

Launchpad for your career.

I’ve seen firsthand how Gartner can take someone early in their career and help them get to the next level. While many large companies promote based on tenure — passing up the more deserving employees in favor of the ones who have been there the longest — Gartner promotes based on merit. For me, that was a huge selling point. I knew if I came in, worked hard and performed beyond what was expected of me, there would be opportunities to grow and advance. The ability as a young professional to come in, prove myself and grow quickly within the company was a huge plus for me.

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