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A Day in the Life of a Gartner Campus Recruiter

May 17, 2019

As Gartner continues to experience tremendous growth, our Campus Recruiting team is also looking to expand. Are you interested in joining the team? Below, Liza Stenz, is sharing what her life at Gartner is like as a Campus Recruiter. 

A day in the life of a campus recruiter at Gartner may be one of the hardest things to write about. As a campus recruiter, I’ve become a chameleon. With every day being different, I’ve quickly become an expert on adapting to the needs of my students, university partners and coworkers.

I decided that outlining three different days might be the easiest way to see how many roles campus recruiters play:

Day 1

It’s negative 22 degrees Fahrenheit and I’m surrounded by pictures of Golden Gophers: I’m recruiting at the University of Minnesota. I own one of the coldest territories for Gartner’s campus recruiting, and it’s days like this that I wonder why I don’t work in Fort Myers.

It’s an early morning that begins at 7, and in walks one of my business partners from Dallas looking half-frozen. We’re off to present to a sales and career class about Gartner and our sales positions. We will then run over to a career fair at the School of Management, and then to a sales team practice where we’ll role-play sales scenarios with students.

The day will be rounded off by dinner with students who will be joining Gartner for full-time and internship roles. This allows my business partner to see how much sales, effort and strategy goes into a day on campus. It also enables us to bring Gartner to life and show hundreds of students our career possibilities.

Day 2

Cabo? Aruba? Panama City? No, for this spring break, I’m traveling out of the tundra to the National Collegiate Sales Competition (NCSC) at Kennesaw State University in Georgia — the Super Bowl of campus recruiting. My journey from Wisconsin to Georgia began before the sun was up this morning. Students from more than 75 universities come here to compete for the most prestigious title in university sales programs. The next three days will be filled with career fairs, interviews, role playing with students and team bonding.

NCSC is sponsored by Gartner. These students have studied our product and learned to sell the Gartner way, preparing themselves for internships and full-time positions. The branding and impact of this event are the ultimate victory for a campus recruiter and the larger organization.

Day 3

I am at my home office in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on a beautiful fall day in October. I know what everyone is thinking when I say “working from home,” but let me tell you it’s not all sweatpants and Bravo. Today is the first day in five weeks I have not spent on campus at events. This means catch-up time. I quickly get started following up with emails from students that I have connected with at campus events. Then it’s time for interviews. Meeting hundreds of students a week creates a fantastic talent pipeline that’s eager to be considered for roles at Gartner. Being an ambassador for the Gartner brand is an incredible and challenging experience that takes organization, flexibility and enthusiasm. Putting it all together and getting a student their dream job is the ultimate reward.

Whether it’s a confidant, a strategic partner or a subject-matter expert, this chameleon transforms every day. I’m happy to say that each day I’m transforming, I’m also offering hundreds of students the opportunity to have a career that will change their lives — and there is no better day than that.

Are you interested in joining the growing team? Search for an available opportunity here.