Darin Brumby Shares His Growing With Gartner Story


Meet Darin Brumby, Managing Vice President, Service Delivery, Gartner Executive Programs Midsize Enterprise Team. Below,he shares the story of his unique career path and what he is loving about life at Gartner in our Dallas office.

Darin’s Career Path

With more than 20 years of global cross-industry experience, Darin Brumby was first introduced to Gartner as a client of the Gartner Executive Programs service when in one of his CIO roles. With a distinguished professional background as a former naval officer and C-level executive at market-leading global companies and management consulting firms, it comes as no surprise that Darin has recently moved into a new role at Gartner and has big goals for the Executive Programs team.

As managing vice president of service delivery, Darin is part of the Executive Programs leadership team and is focused on building long-term sustainable business growth, all while keeping the main objective top of mind: providing C-level clients with unique insight to help them solve their most challenging business problems and successfully fulfill their mission-critical priorities. “Growth at Gartner is the inevitable result of placing the client at the center of everything we do,” says Darin.

Darin believes “in success through people” and knows that the continuous development of the Executive Programs team at Gartner is paramount to becoming world-class in how Executive Programs engages with its clients.

Darin reflected on the lessons he has learned throughout his career, and shares a few key leadership insights for success:

  • People are your greatest asset: Gartner is a people business — our associates directly fuel our growth and propel the future of our business forward. It is important to recognize the value that each and every team member brings to the table. Take the time to cultivate and nurture top talent and build the leaders of tomorrow.
  • Lead authentically: Being an open and transparent leader can make a world of difference. Having open lines of communication is not only necessary with our clients of Executive Programs, but is also requisite to building trust and garnering respect from your team members. Being open and honest sets the stage for success.
  • Execute at pace: Set a compelling vision, establish aggressive goals that drive for results, and focus on the few things you can do well for your clients. Prioritize activities and assign clear accountabilities. Communicate ideas clearly and concisely, and respond rapidly to new demands and challenges.
Life at Gartner in Dallas

Along with his new role came a few more changes for Darin — he recently moved from our Stamford, Connecticut, office to Dallas, Texas, where he is working to develop a center of excellence for the Executive Programs team. Having moved many times in his career, relocating for his new role at Gartner is not unfamiliar territory for Darin.

What’s Darin enjoying most about our Dallas office? The facility is brand-new, and the open floor plan fosters a culture of collaboration, teamwork and partnership, making it easy to learn from one another and come together quickly to solve business challenges for our clients. The upbeat energy and dynamic environment in the office matches the fast pace in Dallas, which is experiencing significant growth as an urban and cultural hub full of restaurants, shops and more.

The Executive Programs Center of Excellence

The Executive Programs Center of Excellence will provide the team with the space and resources needed to expand and fully serve the needs of C-level clients across the U.S. Are you looking for a fast-paced, challenging and dynamic work environment? The Executive Programs team is looking to hire talented professionals who want to make a huge impact with their work while developing the leadership and management skills that will help them accelerate their careers.

At the Gartner Executive Programs Center of Excellence, we’re building the next generation of senior technology leaders for the future of business. Search for an available opportunity on the team here.  

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